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Change Is The Only Constant

When it comes to managing websites, the only thing that is constant is change, as Heraclitus said.

It has been about a year and a half since our two sites, Just Publishing Advice and Whizbuzz Books were moved to new URL addresses and faster servers. While it took months of preparation and work to complete the move, it has been more than justified, as site traffic has increased by around 300% since the change.

But the work didn’t stop there. Since then, new features have been added to both sites to serve the needs of our increasing readership of book lovers, writers and bloggers.

Site Report for Just Publishing Advice and Whizbuzz Books

Here are a few highlights of the changes that have been made, and what is planned to come soon.

Write For Us

To broaden the range of writing and publishing advice, opinion and ideas published on Just Publishing Advice, we began inviting writers to submit articles. To date, we have published over thirty articles by guest writers, and we look forward to hearing from more writers who have expertise in publishing and writing, who wish to share their knowledge with our readers.

More Focus On Facebook

It’s no news that Facebook is very popular and the preferred platform for many people.

While we gain a huge proportion of site visitors from Google Search and Twitter, we are working hard to improve our two Facebook Pages to cater to those who prefer to be informed and updated directly on Facebook.

By doing so, we will also be accessing more Facebook users who are interested in books, which will further improve our book promotion activities.

The Buzz Replaces The Bookstore

After many years of operation, Amazon is retiring its API that has run our Whizbuzz Books on-page bookstore. 

As is so often the case, a problem became an opportunity. A lot had changed since the bookstore was added to the site, and in all honesty, it was starting to look dated.

So the hunt began to find a replacement. After a long selection process, Whizbuzz now has a brand new service to promote books that is much more interactive and appealing.

It is called The Buzz.

The Buzz works in real-time, tracking every new book post and ongoing social media posts made by Whizbuzz Books. The page is infinite scroll, which means you can scroll down through a day, a week or even months of book postings.

It is also searchable by platform, author and book title.

At present, The Buzz is working on a limited number of our social media feeds, but we plan to extend it in the coming months to incorporate all of our social networked feeds.

Consolidating Our Email Service

It’s the end of Feedburner, almost …

The demise of Feedburner has been reported for some years now, but even though it is still operating, it has not been upgraded for a very long time. Additionally, RSS is being depreciated to such an extent that it does not work now on most modern browsers.

Because of this, we will begin sunsetting our RSS and email feed service on Google Feedburner over the coming few months.

We know many of you have subscribed to our Feedburner service to get notified of new posts on Just Publishing Advice and Whizbuzz Books, so we will continue this part of the service for you for as long as Feedburner continues to operate.

However, we will be closing new subscriptions on Feedburner within a few weeks and moving our entire mailing list to a more up-to-date new system. You will see a new subscription form appearing on both sites soon, so please take a minute to add your subscription.

Once in place, we will then keep you informed about both of our sites via one short monthly newsletter.

New Content Delivery Software

We are anxiously waiting for a big update to our content delivery system. This will be of particular benefit to the authors who we are promoting on Whizbuzz Books.

As is often the case with major software updates, it is running behind our expected launch schedule, but we are working with the developers to make sure everything works.

Once we get through the beta testing stage successfully, we plan to increase our range of social media platforms, as well as fine-tune our scheduling options to optimum times of the day for both book promotion and advice articles.

Thank You For Your Support!

thankyou JPA

It takes a lot of work to maintain and update two websites, but the effort is more than adequately compensated by the increasing number of site visitors, social media followers, comments, messages and emails we receive.

Our two basic aims are to provide the very best free publishing, writing and book promotion advice we can, and to offer authors and small publishers very affordable and effective book promotion.

We appreciate your involvement and we will endeavour to continue supporting authors, writers, self-publishers, poets and anyone else who has an interest in books and reading, as best as we possibly can.

Derek Haines

Derek Haines is an Australian author, living in Switzerland.

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