Education – Is It Needed Or Not? Ideas And Tips For Life


Many people believe they can live without education.

But the more you learn, the more you earn and the more secure your life is. Education and independence

Education: Do You Really Need It?

Many people believe they don’t need to be educated to live well. Moreover, they give plenty of examples of people who are millionaires now but don’t even have a university degree.

You may be one of those people, as well. If you are, then it is time to change your mind as education is something that matters, especially in modern society.

First of all, education is not only university studies. Education starts from primary school, or even earlier. When you started learning to count, to write and to read, you started your education, in the wide sense of this word.

After that, you continued improving and deepen your knowledge at school, maybe you even ordered a couple of your writing assignments from custom essay writing. Then, a college or university followed.

All mentioned stages are not necessary, sometimes, just the basic ones are enough to have a decent job and to live a comfortable life. But can you imagine your life without being able to read or write? And what about counting? Or basic math skills? Education is important to help you to:

  • Get to know about the physical world, its laws, and interconnections
  • Learn about society
  • Survive in the society with its rules and laws
  • Live comfortably

Education at School

School is the place where you are introduced to the official education system. Even if your parents taught you to read and write, or even many other things, but this is the place where your knowledge gets a shape.

This is the place where you learn to follow rules. We can call a school a place where a completely new stage of your life starts.

Anyway, if your country is among those where visiting school is mandatory, you are a lucky guy. Doesn’t matter whether you liked it or not, this is something that gives you a solid push forward and opens doors to your possible success in the future. Not everybody has the chance.

College or University Education

Further, you are willing to decide whether to continue your way in education or take a job. Here is where you make your first, completely adult decision. Make sure you will not regret it.

One more thing: this decision will define your life for many years ahead, if not for your entire life. Don’t let anybody press you or push you.

This is a completely new kind of studies. As well, a university gives you much more opportunities to find a well-paid and a pleasant job in the future.

With many young people are hurrying to become independent and go to work immediately after school, jobs that they get are less paid and in most cases are connected with hard physical labor.

Learn to Learn

Here, at university, you will learn that not all knowledge can be just presented ready to be taken. You will learn to research and explore, to look for sources that aren’t available immediately.

In some cases, if you are interested in what you are doing, you will find out that you know some aspects of the subject even better than your teacher.

That is normal, as everything is developing and moving forward. By the way, the main task of your teacher is not to provide ready knowledge, but to teach you to learn about things and get the knowledge that you need independently.

Learn to Manage Your Time

It is not a secret that many students combine work and study. That is why free time is very limited. Moreover, in most cases, you have to struggle to find time for the most urgent things as there are so many of them.

University is the place where you learn to manage your time independently. You learn to set priorities and select the most urgent and important tasks. You learn responsibility for your life.

After Graduation, You Have Plenty Options

Graduation gives you a diploma, of course. But along with that, you get valuable experience and skills which you cannot get anywhere else.

If you have your degree, your potential employer will understand, by default, that you possess not only knowledge but many of those skills that are important in managerial positions and which you can acquire only in university.

That is why your job will be paid much better than the job of a person without a degree.


Education is important, moreover, university education. But the importance of the last one is not in the knowledge itself, but in some abilities and skills that you have learned there.

Among them there are such as making independent decisions, managing teams, seeing the matter from different points of view and many others.


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