New To Self-Publishing? Then Learn To Learn

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new to self publishing then it is time to learn

New to self-publishing? It’s time to start the learning curve

So many of the questions I receive from new self-publishing authors are about very basic computer and Internet tools, terminology and tasks, which for those with a little experience are things we use daily without giving them a second thought.

However, for those new to self-publishing, many of these everyday necessities are a mystery to solve. For example:

What is my book’s URL?
What is a link?
How do I reduce the size of a book cover image?
How do I create a backup of my Word file?
What are styles in Word?
What are epub and mobi?
How do I make short links?
How do I embed a link in an image?

While I always try to politely answer as best I can; there is obviously a limit to my time to respond. So, I have to say that the first step those new to self-publishing, or new to anything for that matter, should be to ask this question.


How can I find the answer to my question, myself?

The answer is easy. Google!

Look at the images below of the Google listings for first three questions in my list above.

Google answers for new to self publishing


Google answers for self-publishers


Google answers how to reduce and image


As you can see, all you need to do is ask the question, and Google will find the answers.

If you are new to self-publishing, you really need to read and learn how to learn.

It is something I had to do and still do every single day. Only today, I had to decide what version of PHP I should be using on my hosting server. Of course, I had no idea about PHP and MySQL versions, but after a Google search, and a half an hour’s reading, I now know and can ask my ISP to upgrade my site accordingly.

While there are many forums and social media sites where you can find assistance, don’t be lazy and drive people nuts with basic questions, which you can easily find the answer for yourself. It is quicker to ask Google your question, and it saves you from looking potentially foolish.

One person asked me recently on Twitter, ‘How do I get started in self-publishing?’ How on earth could I answer that in 140 characters? Well, I did. ‘Do a Google Search and start reading!’


But we can also help you get started

If you are new to self-publishing, perhaps you should start by reading our Getting Started in Self-Publishing page as it outlines all the basics you will need to self-publish for the first time.


More reading: What You Need To Do Before You Self-Publish A Book


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Derek Haines

Derek Haines is an Australian author, living in Switzerland.

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