Should I Try To Find A Literary Agent?

Should I Try To Find A Literary Agent

By Lisa Brown

The vast amount of information flowing throughout the whole world each day as well as knowledge and experiences of life need storage and books provide a simple mechanism.

It might seem a simple task to write down your thoughts and ideologies when you do not plan to share the same content with other people.

Alternatively, the world we live in remains ever-changing with the society demanding the best of everything, including the simple forms of writing either done for personal or external use for the public to identify with what author writes.


Specialization drives the economy of the world with people carrying out tasks that they have full knowledge in a while leaving other chores to other people skilled in them, in turn, the world runs under order and rules.

The content in books written by the various author with professionals in an area such as business, education, and processes such the writing of a detailed capstone project for nursing students and experts all require literary agents.

Moreover, the work done by literary agents remains ever unique with their task including the representation of the authors through their work by engaging in the sales, publishing, and negotiation of all deals for the written work with the consent of the author.


What work does the literary agent do?

The literary agents work hand in hand with the authors of various genres of books with their primary tasks forming the backbone for the success of a new entrant book in the insatiable market of endless readers.

Activities done by the agents may go unnoticed in the long run, but without them, books would just work for those who look for the authors in their work areas hence the following remains the core work of literary agents;


Sourcing for Editors

The editor plays a crucial role in the life of an author as they buy the perspective books by ensuring it serves the right qualities of a readable book. Quality of the content in books needs to go through enough scrutiny, and agented books remain trusted by the editors since the literary agents send books already checked.

Conclusively, the literary agents reduce the hectic work of searching for editors while at the same time reviewing the written texts of the authors to the specified genre of writing such as right capstone ideas nursing content.


Pitching for publishers

Every author’s desire remains to attain a suitable deal with renowned publishers who work towards increasing the profitability of a book through an established and famous brand. The literary agents are tasked to obtain the best deals for their client writers and ensure that they maintain the same relations over an extended period.

All in all, the literary agents work to create more time and conducive atmospheres for writers to concentrate on the content creation process while they handle the more corporate affairs such as communications with the publishers and handling monetary transactions.


Review manuscript

The onerous task of maintaining consistency in producing a book for your readers leads to the demise of many authors with literary agents offering help for this aspect reviews and comments for written work.

Literary agents make necessary and valuable changes on the original manuscript such as the written nursing capstone project ideas and inform the authors on crucial aspects of their work that need changes to produce quality work and desiring to readers.


It remains ever essential to recall that the agents work steers towards capturing the market and not helping the author to generate new content although they act to provide exceptional artistry in writing.


How to find a literary agent?

There exists no better news to an author other than waiting for words from a literary agent proving they have an interest in their work and are ready to provide support on making the book a success. The following tips form some of the key aspects necessary to look into whenever you want to find an expertise literary agent to work with;



Networking works for everybody who requires varying expertise to incorporate into their endeavors and finding the right agent requires reaching out to sources with agents. In the business of writing books, associating with the right people defines the thin line between a successful book and failure. In the process of finding the proper persons, use your networks to get advice, suggestions and reputable literary agents.


Online sources

The current twenty-first century spells easier and faster mechanism of obtaining information and the internet covers milestones in the sourcing for information especially for authors of books. Websites such as writers’ digests provide platforms to find renowned literary agents with their profiles and means of contacting them.


Keep track of submissions

The initial steps of finding the right person to work within the stages of writing and selling books would require making submissions to various agents and hope that one finds the content interesting. Tracking the submissions would ensure that you never miss the opportunity to work with an agent who responds positively to the work you produced.


Continuous commitment

The word commitment to an author of books refers to many aspects including writing various contents continuously in the hope of maintaining your readers base. The more books you write and make submissions to the agents, the higher the chance to land a reputable agent.


Writing an Attention Cover Letter to Literary Agent

The tremendous amount of work done by merely writing a cover letter to support the messages you send to agents creates a long-lasting impression on the mind of the reader. The cover letters serve two purposes to introduce yourself as a writer to a literary agent and make a follow up on submissions made to agents.

A simple cover letter remains incomplete without incorporating tweaks that make the message informative and impactful for anyone reading hence the need to understand the tricks for an excellent cover letter.


What are the features of a good cover letter?

Short and precise

The cover letter should be simple enough with excellent grammar to avoid confusing the reader while accurate to capture the attention of the author without distorting the original intention of the message. Human behavior suggests long-term cover letters lose meaning and interest to the reader even before they begin to read the content of the cover.



When writing the cover letter, it remains critical to ensure that the information inside the cover letter remains truthful to avoid uncomfortable situations that involve confirmation. The foundation for a successful relationship with a literary agent remains built on truthfulness.


Include headshot and resume

The function of the resume remains to sell oneself to a literary agent based on your experience and expertise as a writer. The headshot serves as an introductory note creating a conducive atmosphere whenever the intended recipient receives the letter.



In our case of the literary agent, the cover letter needs to include content only related to the reasons as to why and an author would require the services of the agent. The goals should illustrate and weigh enough in the mind of the reader of the cover letter.



The literary agents play a vital role in the lifetime of an author while ensuring that writing not only works as an informative business but rather an enterprise that brings about profit to writers.

As a writer, simple tasks such as cover letter require great emphasis and skill to have an impact on the target individual.



Lisa BrownLisa Brown works as a content manager. She is specialized in writing useful articles for writers, students and people who want to improve their writing skills. Her hobby is reading, travelling and blogging. Lisa`s life motto is “Never stop learning because life never stops teaching”.


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