Does Twitter Spam Sell Kindle Ebooks? Perhaps

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Does Twitter Spam Work

Twitter spam is a real no-no and totally frowned upon, but …

Then again, pop-ups on web pages are an absolute pain in the neck as well. But most marketing gurus say they work exceptionally well.

Email campaigns usually end up in 1,000’s of junk email inboxes, but they continue to be sent out in the billions every day.

The problem is that these techniques work when it comes to getting noticed, building an audience, and selling products, no matter how frowned upon they are.

So can Twitter spam be useful?

While I don’t use pop-ups or bulk email because I find them totally obnoxious, I have to admit that on certain social media networks and Twitter, in particular, hitting hard and often really can work.

Put simply, the more I Tweet my books, the more books I sell. A simple fact that proves that Twitter spam works.


Twitter gives you a bit of latitude

Perhaps this is because there is, first of all, an acceptance on Twitter that users are more likely to be selling something than on other social networks.

It could also be because Twitter is so instant that no one notices the previous twenty tweets of Twitter spam that I had sent and only notice the one that they almost accidentally see on their timeline.

However, on Facebook, I tread very carefully and post my promotional posts sparingly. Facebook is for friends and staying friends, even if it’s a Facebook Page.

For whatever reason, though, on Twitter, I have never had a complaint about the number or frequency of posts I send.

I can imagine that some of you are now ready to run off and check my feed on Twitter to spot my spamming activities.

Well, hold on a moment.

While my main Twitter account does have some promotion, this is not where I do the bulk of my promotion. I have another seven Twitter accounts for that.

Why seven more? Well, each one is targeted at different demographics and potential readers.

While my main account has around 145,000 plus followers, my total following on all my Twitter accounts is over 500,000 and rising steadily.

By spreading a big part of my promotional tweets, or Twitter spam if you wish, across these accounts, it reduces their frequency and therefore is not seen as repetitive spamming, but as marketing and promotion.

Well, that’s my definition anyway.

So is Twitter spam bad?

Yes, of course, it is. But does it work? Well, yes as well.

So I’ll let you decide on the right and wrongs of this, but in the meantime, I’m off to check my book sales for the day.


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Derek Haines is an Australian author, living in Switzerland.

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