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Just Publishing Advice is a resource for all writers.

Publishing is not only about writing and publishing a book or posting your articles online. There is a lot of work and multiple facets involved in the publishing process.

When you think of publishing, it can be books, ebooks, articles, short stories, blog posts, poetry, and even social media posts.

There are so many publishing services and platforms that it is not easy to categorize one form of publishing from another today.

For writers and authors, Just Publishing Advice offers helpful information, guidance, and suggestions to get you started or to improve your publishing projects.

What is publishing?

The publishing business can range from traditional publishing where you need to find a literary agent and publisher, to independent self-published authors.

It can be Indie authors who branch out into writing and publishing content articles or full-time bloggers.

For first time authors, there are now so many ways to get a book published.

But there are many steps, factors, and processes between writing and publishing.

For book publication, you need to think about editing, book cover design, book launches, book promotion, and how to attract book reviewers.

Writing content marketing articles and monetized blog publishing also have extra elements. These include search engine optimization (SEO), keyword research, image creation, and social media marketing.

Above all else, all writers need excellent writing skills and sound grammar knowledge.

Whether you are a fiction writer, a short story writer, a poet, or a blogger, our writing and publishing advice articles can help you navigate and learn about the many aspects of the publishing industry.

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