Just Publishing Advice frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Questions About Just Publishing Advice

Please find below a quick list of some of the most common FAQs and answers about our site.


Who is the owner of Just Publishing Advice?

Derek Haines is the owner of Just Publishing Advice. You can find out more about him on the About page.


Are you a book publisher?

No, we are not a publisher. We don’t offer any form of publishing service, consultancy, or bespoke advisory assistance.


What type of content do you publish?

It is a free advice site for writers, authors, and new bloggers.

We endeavor to offer practical advice about all forms of modern publishing, writing, grammar, and working online for an income.


Who writes the articles?

Derek Haines writes most of the articles. He shares his years of experience in writing, self-publishing, and blogging.


What forms of advertising do you have on the site?

The site uses display adverting and affiliate promotions.

Google Adsense provides display ads, and they are clearly labeled as advertisements. However, we do not endorse the products or services that appear in these advertisements.

There are also affiliate links to products and services in some articles and affiliate ads on our site. We may earn a commission if you purchase from these links.

However, we only promote products and services that we use regularly or have thoroughly tested or researched. You can find more details in our General Disclaimer.


Do you accept guest writers?

We have some guest writer content on the site. However, we are not currently accepting new submissions.

If or when we reopen for guest submissions, we will add an appropriate link to the footer section of the site.


Do you accept paid content?

No. In the past, we accepted some advertorial articles for a very short time.

This small amount of content is clearly marked as an advertorial or sponsored article.

However, we no longer accept any paid articles or links due to the poor quality of the content.


Why isn’t my comment appearing?

We moderate all comments, so please be patient until yours is approved.

We do this to protect our readers from spam and other undesirable comments.

Please note that due to the proliferation of spambots, comments are only available on a limited number of articles.


Can I use your content on my blog or website?

Yes, you can reuse in part or quote from content on our site.

However, we would appreciate it if you included a credit and backlink to the article on Just Publishing Advice to identify your source correctly.


I noticed a typo, broken link, or missing image in an article.

We check all our content regularly, but errors do happen.

We always appreciate readers letting us know about any errors they might find on a webpage on our site. So yes, please contact us and let us know.


My question is not on this list of FAQs.

You are welcome to use our contact form to ask your questions.

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