About Just Publishing Advice And The Face Behind It

The Short Story And Nitty-Gritty About Just Publishing Advice

Derek HainesWelcome. My name is Derek Haines, and I have a passion for words in print.

Last century, before the terms blogging and self-publishing and the advent of e-books and print-on-demand paperbacks, and well before Amazon was even born, I was printing, hand binding, and selling my novels and books of mediocre poetry.

I started my professional working life as a lithographer and spent more than thirty years in the printing and publishing business.

But when a new century dawned, my passion for writing led me into studying and then teaching English.

My time now is spent writing, blogging, and taming technology. I have self-published eighteen books, and hopefully, there are more in the wind.

My long-held interest in writing and publishing, as a means of freedom of expression rather than as an avenue to fame and instant riches, led me to blogging.

They were called weblogs when I started, so that dates my experience. But I love it because it is real publishing at a grassroots level.


How it began

I started Just Publishing as an addition to my personal blog in 2010.

By 2015, visitor numbers were a few too many for my old site to handle. So I had to move to a new domain and an upgraded server to handle the increase in traffic.

With the transfer, there was a slight change of name to Just Publishing Advice. It’s a much better description because it is what this site is all about.

The aim of my site is simple.

I want to call on my experience to help create a growing resource site for new and even not-so-new writers, authors, bloggers, content writers, book cover designers, or anyone else with an interest in writing, blogging, and publishing.

If you would like to contact me or ask a question, you can use the site’s contact form. You can also find me on Twitter and Linkedin.

To find out a little more about me, you can visit my personal website.