It Looks Like The End of the Line for Createspace

Is This The End For Createspace

Update: The end for Createspace. It is now officially merged with Kindle Direct Publishing.

To publish a book in print on demand paperback now, you can choose between Amazon KDP, Blurb, or Lulu.

The information in this article is out of date.

This article remains for reference only.

The nail in the coffin for Createspace

After moving print on demand (POD) paperback publishing from Createspace to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), Amazon has announced a new division, Media on Demand.

The information so far is limited, but there is a new Amazon page explaining how the move from Createspace to Media on Demand will work.

There is also a basic welcome page, but the details are still sketchy.

Of course, the impending closure of the part of Createspace that produces compact discs and MP3 files would seem to have little relevance for self-published authors.

Well, apart from some old rockers like me, who gave it a try in years gone by when CDs and MP3 were still in fashion. I can’t believe that after all the years, my old CDs are still on sale on Amazon!

But there is a big deal in this announcement for authors who are still using Createspace. The end seems to be nigh.


What you probably need to consider

Createspace has had a checkered history.

It seemed like a fantastic way in the early days for self-published authors to have a published book in paperback and gain access to expanded distribution to make their books available for order by brick and mortar bookstores.

But even with offering services to make ordering easy, bookshops never got very excited about having POD books on their shelves, and readers didn’t flock to stores to place orders. Why would they, when they could order on Amazon?

But as far as online publishing services went, Createspace was always efficient and relatively easy to use to self-publish in print book.

Its professional services were a bit expensive, but if you needed help with any part of producing a book, help was at hand.

The one huge problem that developed though with Createspace service was in paying, or in fact, not paying royalties. The saga went on for years and years, with many authors failing to receive payments.

Finally, Createspace made changes to its payment system. But it was, in fact, only a year or so before Amazon incorporated print on demand into KDP.

By chance, I was doing a Google search on Createspace HQ in North Charleston and came across this result. Look at the reviews at the bottom.

createspace reviews

It seems like Createspace is still causing issues for users.


Wrap Up

Media on Demand will take another large chunk of Createspace’s business. With POD books already moving to KDP, the signs are not looking good.

If you are currently published with Createspace, I would highly advise that you consider moving your books to KDP in the near future before you need to do it in a rush.


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3 thoughts on “It Looks Like The End of the Line for Createspace

  • Avatar for Don Miller
    November 24, 2019 at 1:29 am

    I’ve done 18 epilepsy memoirs, about 12 on “the space” and 6 on KDP/CS so I have experience on both platforms. No complaints about CS, I got enough does not pass review for that to get tedious, it also let them put out a quality product. When you sent a manuscript through review they unpublished it on the site, you could do a search and you wouldn’t find it. Now, that is really cool, once your manuscript has passed review once if you upload, the same old cast of characters. Now, KDP you get updates reviewing and LIVE meaning that your book is for sale on Amazon and EDC. I do have one question, why if I choose EDC does the minimum retail go up 4 or 5 dollars? Can’t beat the price of author copies. I’ve also done the audio route through ACX. Mr. Bezos wants Amazon to be known for a quality product, not some shoddy poorly executed product.

  • Avatar for Carolyn
    August 24, 2018 at 11:22 pm

    Is KDP free to upload an update like CS was? If one did all their own work, CS was free- except when ordering a copy of your own book, of course. Oher PODs charge for initial uploads, updtes, and more in every way than CS. I thought CS was an Amazon partner anyway. No Why is Amazon dumping them then> All very disheartening.

    • Avatar for Derek Haines
      August 25, 2018 at 8:37 am

      There is no charge for updating the content of a paperback book on KDP. Only the charge for a new physical proof copy. Createspace is owned by Amazon, so it seems to make sense to have both publishing options in one place.

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