Sometime vs Some Time or Sometimes Grammar Confusion

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some time or sometime

Some time ago, I would sometimes use sometime in the wrong place.

Anytime you want to use an indefinite pronoun, be careful because you could find that you could need to use an adverb, or modify a noun with an adjective or partitive.

But take your time.

You can learn about it any time you like.

Yeah, study it sometime.

Set aside some time, and you will understand everything in no time at all.

The basics of these three confusing words can be defined like this.


at some unspecified or unknown time: you must come and have a barbeque sometime.

former: the sometime editor of this blog.


occasionally, not all of the time: sometimes I want to study Spanish.

Some time

[mass noun] the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole.

In the two words, some time, time is modified by some, which an indefinite pronoun. Therefore, it refers to an unspecified point in time.


Having fun with indefinite pronouns and indefinite time

A very, very long time ago now, I wrote this short piece of grammatical gymnastics for my personal blog.

It seems appropriate to dig it out now for you to read. I have edited it a little to better suit the context of this article.

I love something about indefinite pronouns

In the beginning, there was nothing except indefinite time, until, at some time, something arrived, and everything changed.

Sometimes, for some reason, something always creates a problem, and so it was to be again.

Nothing remained the same thereafter, as something had altered everything. While no one knew who or how; someone had changed the balance of everything and anything.

Then, at some time when everyone was busy with something, no one noticed that nothing had changed until something else happened.

Sometime between when nothing and something happened, someone, somewhere, had the presence of mind to note that everything was somewhat different.

Somehow, something really weird was happening.

Someone wrote something about it and someone read it and then sent it on to someone else.

Somewhere between when it was sent and read, something else happened, which of course, no one expected.

Then, for some odd reason, everyone knew about something, but of course, they thought they knew everything.

Somehow, as much as things change, everything stays the same.


Errors are sometimes easy to make, so always check if you are unsure

You can use a dictionary, check online or use a good online grammar checker to help you.

But if you can learn the basics, you will get it right most of the time.

Just remember that sometimes means occasionally and is an adverb.

The adjective sometime, and the adverb can be confused. But if used before a noun, it becomes an adjective.

Lastly, some time is an unspecified point in time. It is similar to a long time, which defines an unspecified period of time.


Anyway, find any way that helps you

When you are proofreading your writing, pay careful attention to indefinite pronouns and adverbs.

One of the easiest ways to check is to separate the words to see if the meaning changes, or if it still makes sense.

The adverb anyway usually starts or can sometimes end a phrase. But within a sentence, it is almost always a noun, which can take an adjective. So you can add adjectives such as any possible way, or any easy way.

Take your time, and it will become clear.

Somehow, you will get there.


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