Blogging Can Be A Self-Publishing Income Earner For Authors

Blogging Is Also Self PublishingKindle ebooks, Apple iBooks and Barnes & Noble Nook books are probably the first notions that come to mind when one thinks about self-publishing.

Free ebook giveaways, social media campaigns and virtual book tours probably come to mind next.

For anyone who has an account on Facebook or Twitter, they will surely know a self-published author or two, or more.

It often seems as though that there are more authors than readers nowadays, and that the only way for an author to be successful in self-publishing is to be aggressive, pushy and have the energy and drive to work at selling ebooks and books twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

This is the reality, however, as selling enough books to make a living is extremely difficult and only those authors who not only write well but also bust their guts in marketing their books achieve relative success.

The major difficulty in succeeding in self-publishing books and fiction, in particular, is that the online retail book and ebook market is monopolised by only a handful of players, whose market reach is not as large as it seems.

In many respects, it is predominantly a US business model, as the US market accounts for the majority of sales.

After enjoying a number of successful years, from the start of print on demand, and then later in the early couple of years of ebooks, I started to notice a drop off in my book sales.

Admittedly I had tired of the work of book marketing, but the other factor that was clearly evident was that there were simply a lot more books for sale online and it became more and more difficult to be noticed.

I love blogging.

But I love writing, so after some reflection, I decided to go back to one form of writing I had let slide for a number of years. Blogging.

As I sit here at my keyboard writing this post, I know that my words will not be meta-grinded, reformatted, epubbed, DRM’d, protected, packaged, price controlled, discounted or restricted.

When I hit the publish button for this article, there will be no one coming between my words and those who read them.

This for me is the purest form of self-publishing. It’s just you and me; with nothing and no one between us.

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Derek Haines

Derek Haines is an Australian author, living in Switzerland.

3 thoughts on “Blogging Can Be A Self-Publishing Income Earner For Authors

  • Awesome and true! As a writer I sometimes get discouraged by attitudes of people who think you’re not a real writer if you are self published, and by those who think that blogging is just a ‘hobby.’ I am a writer because I write. And when my readers can connect with my message, I am effective. Great post!

    • Thanks for your comment, Greta. In a perfect world, the suffix ‘self’ should be banned from use before the word publishing. Any writer who is read, in any form, is a writer. And don’t all blogs have a ‘Publish’ button?

      Don’t get discouraged, because if you are being read, you are definitely a writer.

  • A wonderful post. Thank you for sharing it and for inspiring me to spend more time with my blog. I’ll be back :)


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