Draft2Digital Introduces Beautiful Typography Styles For Ebooks

Typography For Ebooks

Ebooks have one big problem. The text usually looks plain and boring. But now, you can use beautiful typography for ebooks.

It’s easy to convert your ebook manuscript into a format that will make it much more attractive for ebook buyers.

Draft2digital (D2D) has been highly innovative in so many areas.

For self-publishing authors, it makes publishing a professionally formatted ebook a very simple process. Even better, it’s a free service.

Easy typography for ebooks

As I have written before, the fact that end matter, other titles, and email sign-ups are all automatically included when publishing with Draft2digital makes it an excellent option for authors who wish to open-publish.

It is also a platform you can use to offer free ebooks if you wish.

But now D2D also offers its typography for ebooks feature.

It has fulfilled one of my long-held self-publishing wishes.

For an author, typography for ebooks is an essential aspect to consider because it impacts your ebook’s overall readability and user experience.

Good use of font type, size, spacing, and formatting can significantly improve the legibility and visual appeal of the text.

It can also increase reader engagement and comprehension.

On top of that, good typography can help convey the intended tone and mood of your book, and it can also reinforce your brand identity as an author.

Paying attention to the typography you use in an ebook helps ensure readers have an enjoyable reading experience.

So now you can easily add beautiful typography to your ebooks.


What do you need to do?

The process is so simple that it is a wonder it hasn’t been done before. Login to your Draft2digital dashboard and go to “My Books.”

Select one of your books, and then hover over the “Edit Book” link, and then select “Preview Layout.”

Now you will see your ebook text and the style selector pictured below on the right of your screen.

You are ready to make your ebook shine with only a few clicks.

typography for ebooks options

As you can see from the image above, there is a range of formatting styles to choose from.

It’s simply a matter of clicking on each style, and a preview of your new text appears instantly.

My original text formatting appears first on the preview screen.


Style options

As you can see, it’s plain, ordinary, boring, and well, like millions of other ebooks, rather unappealing.

No Typography Style

But then I applied the new magic that Draft2digital now offers.

I tried the Maraschino style with Drop Caps first, and the result is below. Wow!

With just a few clicks, the text is instantly transformed into something much more readable and inviting.

Ebook Typography Style One

I then tried a mystery format on another title and loved the all-caps first phrase.

Style Two

Lastly, I chose a new style for one of my science fiction titles and gave it a whole new look.

 Style Three

At last – a beautiful ebook

Draft2digital is bringing so much innovation to ebook and paperback publishing that it is fast becoming the leader in quality online ebook aggregation.

There is no argument that Amazon KDP and Kindle are indispensable when it comes to gaining traction and ebook sales.

But Draft2digital is making the option of open-publishing more and more viable.

The only question I have right now is when Amazon KDP will offer the facility to add beautiful ebook typography and classy formatting to make Kindle ebooks more attractive to readers.

For the time being, it’s Draft2digital that is making the running in this regard.


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5 thoughts on “Draft2Digital Introduces Beautiful Typography Styles For Ebooks”

  1. This is awesome. I was just consulting with an author last night who was disappointed in the plain look of the ePub format. I hope this is downloadable to Amazon now with their opening up to the ePub format I read about recently. Your whole site is just what I need. Thanks so much!!

  2. One of the biggest disappointments I have with Kindle is their inability to convey typography that can be created just by using eBook software. Time and again they screw up art, drop caps and even line spacing that shows fine on the Kindle Previewer.

    If some of the minor distributors such as D2D could draw sales away from Kindle, we might see changes, but Amazon remains intractable, the bully on the block.

    1. Avatar for Victor Prince Dickson
      Victor Prince Dickson

      Thanks Phillip this was very helpful to gain insight and save time. Instead of spending valuable time trying out different feels of the designs. Much appreciated

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