How To Drive More Web Traffic To Your Blog And Your Books

Drive Traffic To A Book

Selling ebooks follows the same formula as selling any other product on the Internet. You need to drive traffic to your book.

The more traffic you can send or drive to your blog or website will help to increase your book sales.

Only a tiny fraction of the people who come across your book will buy it.

The best way to increase book sales is to attract more traffic to your blog, website, and book buy links. And the more, the better.

How to get more traffic to your blog and your books

For most self-published authors, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter form the basis of book promotion.

So yes, make sure you have social sharing buttons.

But social media is not the best means of delivering large volumes of web traffic.

It’s great when you see your book promotion post shared or Liked. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone went to your blog, website, or book buy link to find out more.

Perhaps they looked at the image in your post and then just clicked Like without reading or clicking through to your site.

In my experience, the number of social media Retweets, shares, and Likes I get on social media are well over ten times the number of actual website and blog page views.

I can verify this for Facebook and Twitter using Google Analytics.

Less than ten percent of my social media interactions result in a click-through to my sites.

This is not a very good conversion rate. However, I gain a lot of real traffic to my blogs via Pinterest.

Because Pinterest only shares image links, a user click delivers at least one-page view, sometimes more.


Google, Yahoo, and Bing Search are the key

How do you drive traffic to your book and blog?

The best way is from Google, Bing, or Yahoo search results. But of course, no one will search for you by name or by your book title.

The key to getting organic search traffic from search engines is understanding why and what people search for.

In general, there are three main reasons.

One is to solve a problem, two is to be informed, and the third is to be entertained.

You can use these reasons to attract more people and increase traffic.

Think about writing blog posts that fulfill one of these three basic needs.


How to articles are powerful

Think about what knowledge you have and what problems you can solve for people.

It is the basis for what is often called content marketing.

You could base your posts on writing or publishing problems that people commonly encounter.

Perhaps, how to get your manuscript approved on Smashwords, for example.

Informing is a powerful traffic driver, and it is one of the proven strategies for attracting your target audience.

Think about your book or books and the information contained in them. Is there information that would be of interest and perhaps help people?

If you write self-help books, this is easy. But almost all fictional stories contain useful and informative factual information.

Perhaps historical notes about a famous event or person. Science fiction usually contains elements of astronomical and scientific fact, so why not share this information?

As for entertaining, well, the options are infinite.

There are many themes and topics that you can use to inform, solve a problem, or entertain. And, of course, attract a potential buyer interested in your book’s theme or genre.

It only takes imagination to write a high-quality blog post.


Your email list is a traffic driver

One of the best traffic drivers is email.

It may seem old-fashioned, but building an email list is still one of the most powerful promotional assets on the Internet.

Getting visitors to your site is one thing. But getting them to come back is another.

Encouraging visitors to subscribe to your mailing list is the best thing you can do.

While everyone may say they hate pop-ups, they perform far better than a static subscribe box in a blog’s sidebar.

If you are not convinced, do a trial for a week with a pop-up. Then try without it and check the results.


Highlight your books

Here is one last note about getting the most value from traffic.

Most website or blog visitors only stay long enough to view one or possibly two pages and rarely enter via your front or homepage.

This means that your book ads need to be on every page of your site and not only on your home or welcome page.

The best placement is usually in a sidebar, preferably on the upper left or right, as these are web page viewing hotspots.

The whole point of driving traffic is to sell more books.

So make absolutely sure that every visitor you get can see your books.


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