How to Promote Your Book Online If You Are On A Tight Budget

Promote Your Book On A Tight Budget

Congratulations on publishing your new book!

It took a lot of time and effort to write and publish it.

You’re waiting for positive, honest reviews, hot sales, and loyal readers.

It seems that at last, you are a published author, and after all your hard work, the worst is behind you.

But your work isn’t finished yet

Now it’s time to promote your book. Whizbuzz Books makes it easy to get started. The more people know about your work, the better.

By promoting your book, you inform potential readers that your new book is available.

It’s a way to list benefits that your readers may get while reading, and it increases sales and your revenue.

Although promotion is an important element of book creation, it might be a hard thing to do when you’re pressed for money.

However, the online world does wonders these days, and you can popularize the book on the web even without investing much.

You might consider the tactics below to promote your newly published book on the cheap.


Involve Your Social Media Audience

When it comes to marketing your book online, social media platforms are the best place to start.

No matter how well-liked you are online, the first thing to do for your book success is involving relatives, friends, and colleagues in your promotion.

They are second to none when it comes to announcing, sharing teasers, and hooking your prospective readers.

It means you can announce your book and attract prospective readers.

You can expand the number of your readers by sharing your book cover or book trailer and teaser on social media.

The good news is that people are active on social media, and they digest information better.

So you can post information about your upcoming publishing in advance so that more people can read it.


Send a Notification Email to Your Readers

Once you’ve found your audience, it’s easier to capture and hold their attention if you have their contact information.

Although attracting new people to read your book is great, keeping in touch with an existing audience is highly important too.

It’s more likely that people who love your writing will read your new book.

But you need to send them a notification once your publication is available.

Create an email list and inform people about publishing a book if you want to attract their attention.

After all, promoting within your readers is an actionable way to increase sales as you set a priority on your target audience.


Use Free Websites to Create Demand

Your book should be in demand so that people will want to buy and read it.

If you know where your potential audience is, it’s high time to publish your book teaser to make it visible to readers.

You can use a variety of top websites to announce your book to cause a buzz around it and hopefully find people interested in your book.

Once you create demand, the number of your potential readers starts growing.


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Collaborate with Opinion Leaders

If your audience is not that big, rely on influencers who may help you promote your book among their subscribers.

An opinion leader is a person who influences members of a community, group, or society to whom these people turn for advice, viewpoints, and views, according to The Balance Small Business.

As people trust thought leaders, they will take into account your book as a well-written piece that is worth reading.

If you want to collaborate with these people, you can offer them some services or do them a favor.

Your partnership should be a barter system that doesn’t require spending money.


Publish Free Samples

Most people cut the coat according to cloth, so they don’t want to buy things that give them nothing but spending.

Your potential readers might be unsure whether to buy your book if they don’t know how it can solve their problems.

To help them make the final decision, show them what they can get with your book by publishing some free samples.

Turn some of your chapters into pdf files so that you can share these materials online.

Samples can allow readers to search your book’s content more thoroughly.


Sell on Amazon

Amazon has a huge influence on the modern market.

Believe it or not, around ½ of online shoppers visit Amazon for product searches.

Authors write billions of books and magazines, and this number is growing.

Amazon is aimed at publishing and selling so you can find great tips with ease.

Selling books on Amazon is an amazing way to set foot in this business, expanding your audience.


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Write a press release for PRWeb

When you want to announce something newsworthy, write a press release so that members of the news media will be able to disclose it to other people.

Once your story gets on popular websites, people can find it with ease, and PRWeb is your greatest helper.

Although many writers believe that press releases for book promotion rarely work, it’s another good way to advertise your book on a tight budget.


Run a Contest with Your Book as an Award

If you have a brand Facebook fan page, you can promote your book by running a contest.

People love interacting, so they often take part in contests.

You can announce your book publication and offer subscribers to Like and Share your post so that you will identify the winner of your free book.

When it comes to promotion, having an exclusive idea is a key to success.

Your book won’t be promoted just because you want it to be.

It’s you who is in charge of its promotion, and by putting effort into it, you can soon enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Have you tried any of the above-mentioned ways of online promotion?

What works best for your audience?


Lale ByquistLale Byquist is a young writer who shares her tips on blogging, publishing, and writing. She runs website to help people overcome a fear of public speaking. She dreams of publishing her book about fighting against phobias.


10 thoughts on “How to Promote Your Book Online If You Are On A Tight Budget

  • Avatar for yiovanna
    December 12, 2019 at 4:40 am

    hi i am yiovanna i am 17 I recently wrote my first book my struggles made me stronger it my life experience with cerebral Palsy and my message to the world it available on amazon I greatly apricate if you can share it with the world and give your options

  • Avatar for Derrick Washington
    December 8, 2019 at 10:18 pm

    I appreciate the advice. I am an author and entrepreneur of the book world. I am almost finished illustrating my second children’s book. I really took my time creating it. As for the marketing and promotion side of the game, I needed to learn a lot more in order to be successful at selling my own books. Over the many months, I have researched and compiled many notes. As a result, I feel comfortable moving forward with my book brand. On top of that, I am going to redo all the illustrations and book cover for my first children’s book, and re-publish it. I am confident 2020 will be a wonderful year for me. Once again, thank you for sharing these tips on marketing and promoting.

  • Avatar for romano vaughan
    October 28, 2019 at 9:01 pm

    my friend wrote a children book featuring my son called i am sun how do i promote this book


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