How To Self-Publish When Using A Pen Name

Self-Publishing Under A Pen NameThere are many reasons writers choose to use a pen name for one or more books.

Usually, it’s because of a complete change of genre or perhaps the topic matter is too far removed from what their loyal readers expect from authors they have read.

If an author is well known for children books, perhaps a radical change to erotica would be a good reason to adopt a pen name or nom de plume.

If you are publishing with KDP, Amazon makes it very easy to do this.

It’s as simple as changing the author’s name under the ‘Contributors’ section when you are preparing the book for publication.

When your book is published, it will show in the ‘Bookshelf’ page of your account along with all your other books you have published.

Your real name will not show anywhere on the Amazon page once your book has been published. I haven’t tried, but it would seem that you can do this for as many books and pen names as you like.

Other publishing platforms offer similar facilities, whereas others require that you open a separate and new publishing account.

With so many ebooks available now, it’s becoming harder to be noticed on the Kindle Store in particular.

So if you feel like being adventurous and trying your hand at a new genre but are not sure how it will go, perhaps experimenting with your new material using a pen name might be a good way to test the water.

So happy writing. Whatever your name is.

Derek Haines

Derek Haines is an Australian author, living in Switzerland.

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