How To Change Twitter Username And Keep Your Followers

How To Change Twitter Username And Screen Name

Yes, you can change your Twitter username and screen name.

It is smart marketing to have both a personal profile and a professional page on Facebook, but what about Twitter?

Do you have one Twitter account that you are using for both personal and business?

Would you like to choose another name now that better suits your professional profile?

How to change Twitter username and your screen name

There are lots of reasons you might want to change the Twitter handle (profile URL) you use to align more with your current marketing aims.

But you don’t need to start all over again in gaining new followers from zero with a new Twitter account.

You can keep your current account, and it will not affect your existing followers, direct messages or replies, and all your Tweets.

Changing your username is a far better solution than opening a new account.

You can change both your username (@username) and your name (Fred Smith) on existing accounts without losing your hard-won followers.

Yes, a complete change of identity, but still retaining all your followers, posts, and photos.

I have used this change of identity facility in the past to rename an established Twitter account from an older book title to a newly released title.

By doing this, I kept all my followers, which numbered around 10k, so it gave me a great launching platform for my new book.

I did it again a year or so later with another account for another new book and kept around 20k followers.

Oddly enough, the drop-off rate of followers after a change of name is negligible.

Unlike other social media platforms, Twitter is unique in offering this ability to change your identity with ease. It makes it an ideal solution for authors who publish under a pen name.


How to change your names – step by step

These instructions are for Twitter on a desktop, but you can make the same changes on the different versions of the Twitter mobile app.


1. Access the edit settings

Log in to your Twitter account settings and go to your profile page. Then click on the edit profile button in the top right corner.

Edit Profile button


2. Change your screen name and appearance

You will now be on the edit screen, where you can make a lot of changes.

Edit Screen


Arrow number 1. The button lets you upload a new header photo. Twitter recommends an image size of 1500px by 500px.

Arrow number 2. Here you can change your profile icon (profile photo). Twitter recommends an image size of 400×400 pixels for your profile picture.

Arrow number 3. This is the important button. Here is where you can change your screen name, or as Twitter calls it, your display name.

Your display name can be up to 50 characters long. It is the name people will see at the top of your Tweets.

Arrow number 4. In the three text boxes on the left side of the screen, you can change your Twitter bio, location, website address. If you want to, below the Theme Color button, at the bottom of the screen, you can add your birthday.

Arrow number 5. Once you have added or changed all your information, click to save your changes.


3. How to change your @username

Now to change @name on Twitter, which is your @username and can be used as a clickable link.

Settings and privacy tab


Click on your small profile image next to the Tweet button, and then select, Settings and Privacy from the drop-down menu. (Your image could be a gear icon in certain apps.)

Once you click, you will see this screen.

Change user name


Once you are in your account tab, you can change your current username.

Click into the username field, and you can change your name. There is a limit of 15 characters.

If the new name you select is already taken, you will be prompted to choose another one.

You might need to be a little creative to get a new name that suits you, but you’ll get there.

Once you get the green light from Twitter for your new username, you are ready to go with your new Twitter identity and username next to your profile.



You might want to think about your promotional strategy on Twitter and make sure you keep your personal and professional tweets separate.

But whatever your plan, it is reassuring to know that you can change your profile and name at any time and still keep all of your followers.

The only limitation is that you can only change your Twitter name once every 60 days. But I doubt you would do it more than once.

Good luck with your marketing on Twitter, whoever you are now!


Further reading: How to use Twitter for authors.

Derek Haines

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2 thoughts on “How To Change Twitter Username And Keep Your Followers

  • Avatar for Katt
    October 2, 2019 at 9:49 am

    Great info! What happens to your old @? Does it now become “up for grabs” with a clean slate of 0 followers?
    Thanks for your help!

    • Avatar for Derek Haines
      October 2, 2019 at 11:17 am

      Yes, Katt. But if I recall correctly, your old @ is not available for around 90 days. You should check Twitter help to verify this though.


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