Authors – How You Can Earn More Money From Your Blog

How Authors Can Earn More MoneyLike most authors, you probably have a blog, but are you earning money for your hard work?

Selling books and earning royalties is what all authors want, but in the process of promoting your books you may be missing out on an opportunity to earn more money that is quite easy to do.

If you have built a reasonable following on social media and have regular daily traffic to your blog, why not earn a few extra dollars a day by adding Google Adsense to your blog pages and posts.

Once it is set up on your blog there is nothing else to do, other than check on your pay per click revenue from Google from time to time.

Adsense is everywhere.

While many shy away from advertising on their blogs, Adsense has become an everyday reality of the Internet with almost all Internet sites including newspapers and top end websites adding Adsense to their web pages to earn more money and increase profitability.

If you are new to adding Google advertising to your blog, it will involve a little reading, learning and work to install it onto your blog.

But once you have it working on your site, sit back, relax and forget about it, but know that you will have opened the door to making a small side income that will add to your book royalties and reward your work in writing all those posts for your blog.

I have been using Adsense for years now, and while it doesn’t earn enough each month to pay for champagne lunches, it does earn enough to fully cover my web hosting and blog expenses, with more than a little left over for me.

While earnings from Adsense depend on the amount of blog traffic your blog generates, even modest traffic can still bring in a regular, if small income.

One thing I have noticed about Adsense is that earnings are also dependent upon the quality of adverts that Google has in its queue, and that daily income is at its best during the last seven days of each month.

It sounds so easy.

While it all sounds like easy money, well, it is in a sense.

But there is a little work to do before you can get started, and a couple of minor drawbacks to Google Adsense.

Firstly, is that you can expect to wait for a while before you are approved by Google Adsense, so be patient.

Secondly, if you are using a self-hosted blog, expect Adsense to slow down your site just a little.

While not enough to be of any concern, if you are really into having a super fast website, this may not be for you.

Lastly, while you can control the general categories of ad types that will appear on your blog, and especially such sensitive categories as dating, drugs, religion and ads with sexual references, you cannot control ads individually.

For some bloggers, this can be of concern, so it pays to understand how Adsense streams ads before you apply.

Overall, though, I have had no problems or conflicts with the range of ad categories that I allow on my blogs.

Of course, by blocking sensitive, and even some not so sensitive ad categories, it reduces my potential income. But I prefer to be on the safe side.

Adsense is not for everyone, but for authors who would like to supplement their income, and cover the costs of blogging, it is something that is well worth consideration.

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