UK Self-Published Authors Need To Be Aware Of Geoblocking

UK Authors Beware Of Amazon Geoblocking

Many new UK self-published authors I have had reason to be in contact with are often unaware of Amazon geoblocking.

It means their ebooks that are available on are restricted to UK buyers only.

Depending on where you live, Amazon geoblocking can restrict what readers can buy on the Kindle Store.

This is logical for physical products that need to be shipped by online retailers. But for electronic downloads such as ebooks, it is not always logical.

What buyers can buy

In some cases, you can buy ebooks from other Amazon stores. But it is not always the case.

It is impossible to notice this if you are in the UK.

But an ebook’s page on will have the ‘buy button’ removed for all non-UK customers.

Buyers will see the following notice for your Kindle ebook.

UK Self Published Authors 1

Instead of this one, which lets buyers, buy ebooks.

UK Self Published Authors 2

Almost all retailers use geo-protection

The cause of the notice is because all Amazon Stores are geo-protected in some form for UK authors.

However, there seem to be more strict Amazon geoblocking restrictions on the Amazon UK store than others.

This is why UK self-published authors need to make sure that any Kindle book buy links posted to social media are using the ebook page link.

While it is inconvenient, it is a matter of making sure that you make your ebook available to buy for as many potential readers as possible.

As the US is the biggest market for ebooks, it makes sense to use US links and not UK links.

Additionally, links will allow purchases by a whole host of other countries, other than just the US.

But why is this so?

Amazon geoblocking may have something to do with the history of Amazon UK., a UK online book retailer, became Amazon UK on October 15, 1998.

So perhaps there was an agreement at that time to keep Amazon UK separate, or maybe on something similar to a franchise basis.

Whatever the reasons, Amazon UK today is a very different site from other Amazon ebook Stores.

Even to the point that Author Central UK does not link in at all with Amazon Author Central US.

Reviews from UK readers are kept separated, and book rankings are calculated and displayed in an entirely different form.

These differences are important for UK self-published authors to understand, as negotiating these barriers is the only way to achieve reasonable sales success if you use KDP UK.


Always promote two links

It may seem that ebooks by UK self-published authors are available to the world.

But the truth is that only UK book buyers get a buy button when they visit or stumble across a UK ebook link on social media.

It is very doubtful that buyers outside the UK will go to the trouble of copying the ebook’s ASIN number. Then they need to go to and paste the number to find the ebook.

When the rest of the world finds an link to UK self-published authors and their ebooks, it will be a dead end.

My advice to UK self-published authors is to include two links in any promotional posting.

One for the UK, and one for the US, which literally means the rest of the world.

But if there is a place for only one book buy link, use the US link to, and give your ebook the best chance of selling.


Article Update: There may have been a change in how Amazon cross-links ebook pages between its stores. In my case, I can now see a buy button on Amazon UK. This was not the case for me in the past. So it might pay to check your ebook pages on different Amazon stores. 

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