How To Link Ebook And Paperback On Your Amazon Sales Pages

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Did you link ebook and paperback versions of your book? It’s a trap to avoid for new authors who are publishing and selling books on Amazon.

Publishing a new book using Amazon Direct Publishing (KDP) is an exciting time for any new author.

There are so many things you have to do. But it is sometimes easy to overlook a few important things.

When you publish different versions of your book, such as in Kindle ebook and paperback, you should always check your Amazon sales page.

Are your Amazon book sales pages linked?

Getting book sales on Amazon is hard enough.

But if your ebook and paperback are on two different sales pages, it will make selling your book more difficult.

It is important to note that it is not unusual for Amazon to take quite some time on occasions to combine both versions of a book.

But when you have separate sales pages, it is not easy for Amazon customers to find your book in their preferred format. This can hurt your Amazon sales rank and book marketing.

Another big problem is that because you have two separate book sales pages with different URLs, it makes it impossible for you to promote the book you are selling on Amazon with one link.

You will have one link to the Kindle Store for your ebook.

Then another to your paperback book on Amazon.

You need to correct this situation and get both versions of your book to appear on one page.

So it is a priority for you to check all versions of your book after you publish.

Make sure they are linked together and are appearing on only one Amazon book sales page.


How to check your Amazon sales page

When you publish a new version of your book, wait seventy-two hours and then check the details section on your Amazon sales page and your book version listing.

You should see all of your book versions listed on one page with the relative selling prices in a series of boxes for ebooks, print books, and audiobooks if you have one.

Link Ebook And Paperback
All book versions are combined and linked correctly.

If you see your books listed on Amazon as only one version on separate pages, such as in the images below, you will need to take action to combine your Kindle book and print version onto one page.

Not Showing Link Ebook And Paperback
A book page showing only the Kindle version


A book page with only the paperback version


How to link ebook and paperback versions

Here’s how to link an ebook and paperback on Amazon. You will need to contact Amazon customer service. Ask for your book pages to be merged and link your print and Kindle editions together.

If you are new to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), it is not so obvious how to contact KDP to help you.

Go to your KDP dashboard and click the Help link in the top-right menu.

The new page lists all the help topics. But the contact link is at the bottom on the left. It is not visible until you scroll down to the very bottom of the page.

contact KDP help
1. Click Help. 2. Click Contact Us.

When you click Contact Us, a new page appears with a list of choices. Click the Amazon Product Page button.

Amazon help page

Now click on Linking Print and Kindle Editions.

Ask To Link Ebook And Paperback

You will then see the contact form to complete to ask Amazon to link your print and Kindle ebooks.


What information do you need to send?

In the message prompt, you will see that Amazon asks you if your two book version titles, sub-titles, and author name are exactly the same.

Before you send your request, double-check to make sure you didn’t make any accidental changes or typos in your title or sub-title between versions.

If there are any differences or discrepancies between your book versions, you will have to re-publish the version that is not correct.

If you are sure both versions are exactly the same, you can proceed with your request message to Amazon.

In your message, make sure you include your book title, author name, ISBN, and ASIN numbers.

You can include the URL links to your separate pages if you wish. It is a good idea because it makes sure Amazon knows which pages to combine.

Once you send your request, Amazon will usually link ebook and paperback versions into one page within 72 hours.


More checks you can do

If you notice that you have separate book pages, it will adversely affect your Amazon bestsellers rank. So you do need to fix it.

Once your book versions are successfully linked, you can then promote your book with one Amazon URL book page link.

It also might be a good time to check your Amazon Author Page on Amazon Central. Update any information you think will improve your book’s chances of success.

You can add your blog feed, enhance your book description, and add editorial reviews. Yes, you can add book reviews!

It’s a good idea to set up new author pages on Amazon UK, Germany, France, and Japan to promote yourself internationally.

You can read our short tutorial on how to use your Amazon Central Page for more step-by-step details.

Another positive action you can take at this time is to check your book’s categories and keywords.

Very often, in the rush and panic of publishing your book, you may have failed to research your two competitive genre categories and seven searchable keywords.

Poor selection will negatively affect your Amazon bestseller rank for your book.

If you are not sure how to do this, you can refer to our article explaining how to find KDP keywords for your book.

If you complete everything in this article, you will give your book a big boost and improve its chances of success and of becoming a bestselling book.


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