How To Create A Children’s Ebook The Easy Way In 5 Minutes

How to create a children's ebook

It’s so easy to create a children’s ebook with online tools available now.

I’m certainly not a children’s book author or illustrator. But for this post, I had no problems at all in creating a simple ebook for kids.

It took me around five minutes to design a ten-page pdf ebook.

Once I decided on the idea of monsters for the book’s theme, I was ready to get to work.

How to quickly create a children’s ebook

You can choose from many ebook creation tools, but I used Canva to produce my example kid’s ebook.

Also, I only used the resources that are available with a free Canva account.

There are many more elements, graphics, and illustrations with a premium account.

But I discovered more than enough free resources to design my ebook.

After deciding on cute monsters for my example, it was easy to find everything I needed.

It was only a matter of using the Canva search bar to find plenty of templates and graphics.

The method I used is ideal if you want to create a children’s ebook for your kids. You can open it easily on most devices in pdf format, using the Kindle app, Apple Books app, and many other reading apps.

If you plan on self-publishing kid’s books, you can also use this method.

You can upload your own illustrations, but you might need more than the free resources I used to create my basic example.

So let’s move along, and I’ll show you how easy it is.


1. Select your ebook template

On the Canva homepage, enter ebook or book in the search bar.

You will get a very long list of results for ebook and book cover templates.

I took a quicker route and searched for book monster.

Select and create your children's ebook template

You can change or refine your search or select any template that catches your eye.

But once you decide on a template, click on it, and you’re almost ready to create your book. Then click on Customize this template to start.

Customize the template


2. Customizing your ebook cover template

In the edit screen, you can change any of the elements in the template.

Changing cover elements

Click on any element you want to change, resize or move.

I changed the two graphics, the title, and the author’s name for my ebook. You can also change the background color, but I stayed with blue.

create a children's ebook cover

Now I’m ready to start telling my story.


3. Adding pages to your ebook

You can add as many pages as you want.

Just click the add a page button below your cover or after any subsequent pages.

Add a page to your ebook

Each page will retain your original background color, but you can change this setting for any page.

In my example, I created ten pages for my ebook. But you can always add more.


4. Finding illustrations and graphics

When you create a children’s ebook, you need pictures.

For my monster theme, I had no trouble finding plenty of images to use.

I searched under elements for monsters.

Finding graphics for a childrens ebook

I cropped the image above, but there were plenty more monsters when I scrolled through the search results.

Now it’s a simple click to add an illustration to your book.

Select an illustration

You can use the white points to resize an image or use the rotation disc to turn it.

For my ten-page ebook, I found more than enough illustrations.


5. Adding your text

Once you add a text box, you can type in your text or use copy and paste.

Adding text to your ebook

You can change the font, the font size, and the text color.

Add as many text boxes as you need to for each page.

A handy little trick is to copy and paste your text boxes from one page to another using your keyboard commands of cmd C and cmd V.

Edit text boxes

You can change the font attributes for all your text boxes to suit each page.

Once you complete all your pages, you are ready to download your ebook.


6. Downloading your new ebook

Click the Share button in the top right corner. Then select download.

You need to ignore that suggestion of PNG. Open the options, and then you can select from two PDF types.

Downloading your ebook

Select the PDF Print option.

Standard PDF is a smaller file than the print option, so it’s lower resolution.

Now you are ready to share your new ebook with your kids.

You can view and download my example ebook here.

Reading your new ebook

Pdf ebooks are easy to share and read on any device.

You can use Send to Kindle or email to open any pdf ebook in Apple Books or other reading apps.

For kids, the best way to read is on an iPad (or any other tablet) or a phone. Then they can have fun swiping from page to page.

You might want to create a children’s ebook for your kids.

But for teachers, you can also use this simple technique to create ebooks for school projects or lessons.


Self-publishing a kid’s book

The example ebook I created in a few minutes shows you the basics.

But you can do a lot more, of course.

Should you opt for a premium Canva account, you will have access to many more templates, elements, images, and graphics.

If you have your own illustrations, you can easily upload them to Canva to use in your book.

All you need is your imagination, creativity, and time to produce a quality children’s ebook.

The easiest way to self-publish children’s ebooks is to use Amazon’s Kindle Kids’ Book Creator.



I have to say that I enjoyed producing my little kid’s ebook.

Yes, it is a very simple example, but all the tools I needed were easy to find and use.

But there is much more you can do using this method, and you are only restricted by your imagination.

So try your hand at creating a kid’s ebook, and I’m sure you will have a lot of fun too.


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4 thoughts on “How To Create A Children’s Ebook The Easy Way In 5 Minutes”

  1. Avatar for Christine Triffitt
    Christine Triffitt

    This is so useful! Thank you so much for this article. Can one use this way of creating a book on Canva and use the downloaded PDF file to self publish a paperback book on Amazon?

  2. Derek great to see you still doing what you do best.
    This is helpful – we have a couple books we have published in Africa and ebook would be a good second option.

    Thanks for the easy to follow format.
    Leslie Moon aka Moondustwriter

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