How To Copy And Paste A Link To Promote Your Books Online

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If You Can't Link You Can't Sell Books

Learn how to copy and paste a link or URL in any web browsers

All authors need to use Internet page addresses to promote their books, blogs, websites, social media accounts and promotions.

However, some find the task of copying and pasting an accurate URL address difficult, and fail to take advantage of what is a very simple computer skill.

Let’s look first at what linking and Internet addresses are and do, and why they are so vital when it comes to book and author promotion.


The correct address

Every page or location that you visit on the Internet has a unique address so that it can be found among billions of pages.

Can you imagine addressing a letter to Mary Smith, United States and expecting the postman to be able to deliver it?

That is why you need to be able to copy your Internet addresses accurately.

These addresses are called a URL (Uniform Resource Locator), and you can see it in the address bar of your browser.

Some browsers truncate the address, but if you click in the address bar, you will see the full address, or URL, as is indicated in the images below by the red arrows.


How to view any URL in your browser address bar


Facebook URL

For Facebook, make sure you are on your profile page. Click on your profile name next to your small image.

You are on the correct page now to copy your page address from the address bar.

Facebook copy link


Twitter URL

For Twitter, select your profile page by clicking on your Tweets. Now you can copy your account address from the address bar.

Twitter copy link


Website URL

For any general website, click in the address bar of the page you are viewing to see the URL address link.

address bar and url of a website

For all the sites above, it is only a simple matter of a right click, and you can copy the full URL address and paste it in Word or a text editor to save it. They will look something like this.





Copy and paste a URL

1. Click into the address and then right click. Then select copy from the dropdown menu. (On some computers you might need to press ctrl.)

select copy

2. Open a new document in Notepad or Word. Then right click anywhere in the document. Now select paste.

right click paste

3. You have copied and pasted your link.


This method works for every site or location on the Internet.

You can copy your address for your profile pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Goodreads or any other social media sites you use. It works for your book pages on Amazon and your blog posts or website.

Go to any site you use to promote your books and just right click and copy the link in the address bar.


By copying URLs you can do a lot more

Once you have collected the addresses for the sites that you use to promote you and your books, you can send them in emails, social media posts, messages or to book promotion services.

Sometimes though, a URL can be very long like this one below on Amazon.


Sending a long ugly link like this in an email or a Twitter or Facebook post is really not very appealing.


Short link URLs

However, there is an easy way to make what is commonly called a short link.

There are many sites where you can make a short link form a long URL, but I will give an example by using, a popular free link shortening service.

Once you are registered, start by clicking, Create Bitlink. A new screen will appear.


Bitly short linking

Insert long link

Now you can paste your long URL link. I’ll use my long link from Amazon.


short bitly link

My very long Amazon URL in now automatically shortened, and it is much, much better to use on social media.

However, there is one more thing you can do with your new short link. You can change it! Click on Customize.

customized bitly link

Now I have a short URL that I can keep and easily identify as the link to my book.

promote your books using short links

You can see from the image above, how the long Amazon URL is now shortened to ‘’ and can be shared, copied or even edited.

If you do this for all the links that you need and use on a regular basis, you will save a lot of time on your book promotion.

You will also be sure that the links you are sending out to the world are absolutely 100% accurate.


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