11 Helpful Writing Tips For New Writers And Authors

Writing Tips For New Writers

If you are new to writing, getting started is easier than you think. Here are some useful tips for new writers.

Writing is all about inspiration. Of course, it is a matter of discipline to a certain point.

However, most of the writing process requires inspiration.

All qualified writers with years of experience face the same thing. They feel stuck at a certain point, having no ideas or insights on what to write about or how to create a piece that will inspire.

Tips to improve your writing

If you are new to writing and feel like you are blocked, don’t worry. It happens to all of us.

Nevertheless, what you might not know is that there are things most writers use to get back their desire to write.

In this article, we will introduce you to some tips for new writers and some extra writing advice.

Here are eleven writing tips and advice for new writers on where to find your inspiration for writing a book, a short story, or a blog post.


1. Read more.

This is key to successful writing and publishing. You need to read other authors’ works to check out their styles, motives, flow, and even their vocabulary.

It will give good examples to follow as well as brilliant stories to analyze and apply. You also need to learn from their mistakes.

However, we are not only talking about fiction. You can also read dictionaries, professional literature, or even science fiction.

Make sure you feed your brain with literature if you want to produce useful content.


2. Check out popular blogs.

There are millions of blogs that cover almost any topic in the world.

Frequently when writers feel like they lack the desire to work on their pieces, they opt for checking what other writers find inspiration in.

Lists, decisions, achievements, and social studies taken from the blogs can serve as a trigger to make you move toward your goal.

Reading writer’s blogs has helped many authors; it might help you as well, so check them out.


3. Go outside.

Activities in the open air can have a truly wonderful effect on you.

If you feel stuck or bored, go outside for a walk, visit your favorite place in the city, or ride a bike.

You will feel how the energy you need so badly will flow back into your body. Embrace the beauty of nature and enjoy being out as a part of your motivation source search.

Find those old roller blades in the closet, or invite a friend for a stroll around the park. There are plenty of things you can do outside.

Don’t lose such an opportunity to improve your physical health and promote improved brain activity.


4. Listen to music.

You probably know that studies show that classical music can have an impressive effect on your brain.

The thing is that when people listen to such tracks, new neuron connections emerge. This leads to a boost in one’s creativity.

Meanwhile, you get the feeling of contentment when listening to music. It makes you happy. It creates an artistic atmosphere.

So, let the music play in the background while you are working in order to increase your productivity.


5. Get rid of distractions.

Sometimes all we need to boost our creativity is to get rid of all distractions which steal our focus and prevent us from concentrating on one task at a time.

Make sure you turned your cell phone off and logged out of all the social networks when writing.

This will save you time and energy as well as will allow you to achieve better results in writing even when you feel stuck.

Among other distractions are favorite books, correspondence, siblings (especially younger ones), or noise.

When writing, make sure you have some privacy. Go to the nearest library or use your parents’ office to work in silence.


6. Write your journal.

Letting your thoughts flow can be a great solution. Just grab a pen and practice free writing.

All the worries you have as well as things which are bothering you should be mentioned too, as they might be a reason you can’t write at the moment.

Once all your thoughts are clear, and you don’t feel anxious anymore, your writing can flow better and faster.

They say that it is one of the exercises each writer should practice on a regular basis.

Apart from writing down your thoughts and dreams there, make sure to add interesting dialogues that you overheard during the day, as they might serve as a source of inspiration later.


7. Observe people.

Where do the new plots and ideas come from? Where did the world’s most famous writers find their characters? It all originates from the real world.

There is nothing new under the sun. Whichever plot your book centers around, you can be sure it has already taken place in the past.

Observing is one of the top tips for new writers to find new ideas and characters to describe in their stories. If you cannot make up a plot, take it from real life and use people around you as inspiration for the characters.


8. Do physical exercise.

The thing is that when exercising, we gain energy. We might feel tired afterward, but our brain performance improves significantly.

Our physical well-being is tightly connected to creativity and brain activity.

Sometimes, you need some physical exercise to help you shake it up a little and find the inner strength to start writing.


9. Travel.

This is not something you can do whenever you feel stuck; however, occasional trips can serve as a prevention of an artistic wasteland.

Is there a place you always wanted to visit? What have you always wanted to see? Now is the perfect time for you to pack your backpack and hit the road.

New experiences will give room for writing ideas, while people you meet can become a source of inspiration for the main characters of your stories in progress.

Plan a trip and go for a vacation for a good cause!


10. Spend time with your loved ones.

People you love can help you as well. Have some fun as well as some meaningful time together (though fun is meaningful too).

Embrace the love they give you and spend time reflecting on what life with or without them would be like. Such reflections can also push you toward writing.


11. Spend time with visuals.

Sometimes all you need is a series of pictures on a particular topic or boards of images on Pinterest by people from all over the world.

Let your brain process bright pictures and produce ideas based on what it sees.

These eleven ideas can actually serve as an action motivation.

Diversify your creative process and don’t view writing as a discipline only. You need room for creativity and other sources to encourage you to craft a good piece.

We hope these tips for new writers will help you in your search and that they will stimulate you as much as they did stimulate us!


richard nolanRichard Nolan is a blogger and a private tutor, sharing his experience in the spheres of blogging, self-growth, and psychology. Richard writes for numerous blogs and gives useful tips for bloggers, students, and teachers. Currently, Richard works as a general editor for ProWritersCenter.

You can learn more about Richard on Facebook and Twitter.


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    Shortstory Woman

    Im glad that “Read more” is Number one already on the list, because it is so true! and I often think espec. new Writers dont Focus enough of it or do not know how important that is. There is a reaso why every author out there is giving this advice – because it is true.
    great tips. I love your site, u Always offer me articles, that teach me and make me grow as an author.

  2. Thanks. I often go to the library to write because there are so many distractions in my house. My husband will invariably interrupt me, and, when I tell him I’m writing, he insists he needs an answer to a particular question RIGHT NOW!

    Then, when I finished my book and was looking to speak about my novel at a couple of local libraries, I was able, truthfully, to say that I had written portions of the book at their facilities. This fact helped get me an entree into their speaking program.

    Libraries are wonderful.

  3. Hey Richard,

    Great thoughts for relaxing the writers. It is really helpful, somehow writer should have to be free minded to improve his / her expertise and thinking vision. A person who is writing the contents, must has to go on with extra activities in their life for making their nerve strong.

    Thanks for sharing this info.

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