How To Start Writing And Publishing For A New Writer

Writing And Publishing For A New Writer

If you are a new writer or considering giving writing a try, you have plenty of opportunities today to start writing and publishing.

Discovering how to express yourself and find readers involves a few learning curves. But there is nothing to stop you. As long as you are motivated and willing to learn, you can do it.

Your goals will differ depending on the writing type you want to pursue. You might want to be an author and write and publish a book, but it could be article writing, poetry, or blogging for others.

But once you decide to take your first steps toward writing and later publishing your work, you’ll never look back.

Writing and publishing tips for new writers

It doesn’t matter what you write; you will always write better tomorrow.

That’s part of the great adventure of learning how to write by improving every day.

As a child, I recall my grandmother telling me that the day you stop learning is the day you stop breathing.

It’s sound advice for new as well as not-so-new writers.

Every new writer will have different publishing goals.

It very much depends on what and why you are writing.

Goals will differ for a new article writer, author, or poet.

But there are two common elements.

One is learning how to write better and better every day.

The other is finding the best ways to publish your work.


The easiest and best way to publish your writing

Without a doubt, your blog is the first place you should use to hone your writing skills.

Make it a habit to start writing and publishing posts regularly and continually improving your writing.

Even if you plan to become an author, poet, content writer, or pro blogger, your blog is a great proving ground.

It’s the best tool you have to help you work on developing and refining your writing voice, style, and tone.

If you don’t have a blog, it’s so easy to start one with any of the free blogging platforms available now.

Another option is to start by publishing your articles in PDF.

It’s the quickest and easiest way to start publishing your writing.

The other big advantage is that you can share all your new blog posts on social media and attract new readers quite quickly.

It won’t take long then to get some feedback on your writing from your readers.


Preparing to write and publish a book

Self-publishing has made it incredibly easy for anyone to publish a book or ebook.

However, it can be a bit of a trap. Just because it’s easy to publish doesn’t mean that you will be successful.

Writing, editing, marketing, and promoting a new book takes time, energy, and patience.

For a first-time author, if you get things wrong, you can create problems that are not easy to fix after you publish.

Take your time before you leap into publishing a book.

You’ll find a lot of advice articles online about how to write a book.

A great place to start is this article on Reedsy, which gives you an excellent plan for writing a book.

But don’t rush to write and publish. Take your time, practice and improve your writing skills, and then set yourself a plan.


How to become a successful blogger

A monetized blog is a fantastic way for a writer to earn an income.

But it’s not as simple as starting a new blog and placing some ad code and affiliate links.

I promise you; the money won’t roll in.

To succeed at blogging, you have to find a popular niche topic, write exceptionally well, and know a little about SEO.

Even then, it can take at least a year for a new blog to get enough traffic to start earning money.

The most challenging part is finding a niche subject that will attract organic traffic and regular readers.

Perhaps you have an idea to write about photography, but that’s too broad.

You’ll have to narrow your search to a more specific topic, such as black-and-white, portrait, nighttime, or iPhone photography.

Because you need to invest money in a self-hosted blog, it’s a good idea to try out your ideas on a free blogging platform first.

Then, you can analyze your articles to see which ones attract more attention. You can also edit or add more content to some articles to see if they work better.

If you test your ideas with a free blog for a few months before deciding on the best topic, you will have much more chance of success at pro blogging.

A monetized blog is a long-term project, so you must be 100% sure your topic will resonate with readers.


Writing and publishing online content

Excellent content writers are always in demand because so many sites need a regular flow of new content.

But you need to be good and prove your worth.

As I said earlier, your blog is the best place to start. You can build a portfolio of articles you can use as a reference point.

But don’t try to be a freelance content writer on every or any topic. Carefully select your domain based on your skills, knowledge, and experience.

There will be plenty of opportunities in your area of expertise.

Once you have at least 10-20 articles on your blog, you can approach sites looking for content writers.


For budding poets

Poetry books are popular with a small niche of dedicated readers.

If you plan to self-publish a book of your poems, you can do it.

But, like all forms of writing, you need to hone your writing skills and see how readers react.

Luckily, there are many sites where you can publish your poetry quickly and for free.

Once you can understand what readers like and don’t like, you will have a better idea of what works best.



Every writer starts out as a new writer, so there’s nothing to stop you from becoming a writer, too.

However, don’t expect to be an instant success from day one.

It really does take time to learn how to write well and connect with readers.

You could draft a basic plan to help you along each step toward your goals.

But in the end, a writer writes, and that’s exactly what you should do.


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