The Best Free Sites Where You Can Publish Poetry Online

How To Publish Poetry Online

There are many sites you can use to publish your poetry online to help you find more readers.

It is much easier than finding a traditional poetry publisher and going through a lengthy submission process.

You can submit your work and have your poem published very quickly with the following poetry websites.

Most of them make it easy to register, and then you can submit your poems.

9 Free poetry submission sites

If you love writing poetry, perhaps you are trying to find readers on social media.

It can help, but Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are not ideal platforms for poetry.

You might get better results by publishing where there are more passionate poetry readers.

Take a look at the following poetry sites to post and publish poetry online. Some even offer the possibility to publish short stories as well.

Make sure you read the submission guidelines carefully. Some allow simultaneous submissions, while some allow only one submission at a time.

But after that, you will be ready to publish online.


1. All Poetry

All Poetry

All Poetry has been around since 1999 and is a favorite with many poets.

It claims to be the largest poetry writing group on the Internet and caters to poets from beginners to experts.

It also gives you a handy 10 step guide on how to write better poetry.


2. My Poetic Side

My Poetic Side

If you want to publish your poems online and make new friends, My Poetic Side is well worth trying.

It’s a little like a social network for poets. You will see that a lot of poems are posted every day, so the site is very active.

In fact, according to Statshow, the site attracts nearly 90,000 users each month. So yes, it is popular.

It also has a great blog with lots of informative posts about poets and poetry.

One extra little benefit is that you can create a free ebook.


3. Hello Poetry

Hello Poetry

Another popular site is Hello Poetry.

It is advertising-supported, but this helps it make it free for you to publish your poetry.

One nice feature of the site is that you can search for poems by emotion.


4. Poem Hunter

Poem Hunter

The site design of Poem Hunter is hardly poetic, but it works very well.

It must be popular, judging by the number of new poems published each day.


5. Post Poems

Post Poems

This is another site that is a little light on for aesthetics, but you can publish poetry for free.

However, when I checked Post Poems, there were 60 users online.

For a poetry site, that’s not bad at all.


6. Commaful


With a clean Instagram-style layout and easy navigation, Commaful is an enjoyable site to visit.

You need to add an image for each poem you submit.

You might want to look at using Canva to help you create eye-catching images.


7. Writers Cafe

Writers Cafe

You can post poetry, short stories, novels, scripts, and screenplays on Writers Cafe.

It is one of the most well-established sites for writers, so it is probably an excellent choice to consider.


8. Wattpad


It is one of the most popular sites on the Internet. It makes it a logical choice to publish your poems.

There is a special section of Wattpad that is dedicated to poetry.

Wattpad has a younger readership than many other sites, so it will depend on the type of audience you are targeting.


9. Medium


It’s the go-to platform for so many writers now to publish articles.

But Medium is also becoming a popular publishing tool for poets.

So much so that there is now a special tag for Poetry on Medium.

Like many popular sites, though, you will need to add an eye-catching image to your poem.


Self-publish your poetry

Apart from using poetry sites to post your poems, you also have many free self-publishing options for your poetry.

If you want to publish an ebook on Amazon, it really the best option for free poetry publishing.

However, if you want to self-publish a real book with Amazon, there is a small charge for delivering your proof copies.

It’s not expensive, but you should check the price depending on where you live.

The only trick with self-publishing poetry ebooks is to get your formatting right.

You can read our short tutorial to help you format poetry for Kindle and Draft2Digital.



While poetry is not as popular as fiction, there are still a lot of readers out there.

If poetry is your passion, there’s nothing to stop you from getting your poems published online for readers to find.

It only takes a few minutes to register with the sites in the list above, and then you can publish poetry online.

As far as I could see when I checked these sites, you don’t need to post your poems exclusively.

So you should be free to publish as many of your poems as you like on almost all of the sites.

But if you only want to use a couple of sites, I think My Poetic Side and Commaful look the most promising.

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