Learn How To Print An Ebook Or A Few Pages The Easy Way

Learn How To Print An Ebook

You might not want to print an ebook in full.

But sometimes, it comes in handy to print selected pages from an ebook. If you are a student, you might want to print a few pages from an e-textbook.

However, there is no simple print function in ebook apps or reading devices. But it is possible and quite easy to print from an ebook.

Here’s how you can print pages from any ebook, including DRM-protected Kindle books.

How to print an ebook

Why would you want to print an ebook or some pages?

Perhaps you want to take notes or highlight specific passages.

You might print selected pages of an ebook to share information with others who may not have access to the ebook.

Whatever your reason, it’s relatively easy to do.

The following method is the best and works for almost all ebook file types that are not DRM-protected.

For protected ebooks, there is a method later in this article.

But you can use Calibre to create a printable ebook for DRM-free ebooks.

The free software will let you convert your ebook into pdf files that you can open in any pdf or Adobe reader.

Then you can then print a whole ebook or only selected pages.

Let’s look at the steps you need to take.


Step One – Install Calibre

Calibre is a free program you can download for PC and Mac.

It has a lot of tools for editing ebooks.

But you will only use the ebook conversion tool for pdf format.

how to print an ebook with calibre

Once you install Calibre, you are ready to start your first conversion.


Step Two – Add your ebook

Open your ebook file in Calibre by using the Add Book button.

If you are not sure where your ebook files are located, you can read this article that explains where ebook files are stored on PC, Mac, and Android.

Kindle book pride and prejudice

I chose to print an ebook from the Kindle Store.

It is a DRM-free copy of Pride and Prejudice.

If you want, you can check and edit the ebook details.

Select the Edit ebook button from the top menu.

But there is usually no need to make changes if you only want to print some pages.


Step Three – Convert to PDF

Select the book you want to convert.

Then click the Convert Books button.

convert books

When you do, you will see the details screen for the book.

On the top left, you need to select pdf as your output format.

select pdf

Click OK, and Calibre will create your pdf file, but it will leave the original file in place.


Step Four – Open your PDF file to print

Open your pdf ebook file from the Calibre Library in your pdf reader program.

You will now have all the functions in your program to select and print pages from the ebook.


How to print an ebook with DRM

Some ebook retailers use digital rights management (DRM) to protect ebooks.

It is most common on Amazon Kindle and Apple iBooks.

Because of this, you can’t convert Kindle ebooks and iBooks that use DRM as in the method above with Calibre.

Yes, there are DRM removal tools on the Internet.

But it is illegal to do this, so I don’t recommend it at all.

However, it is quite easy if you want a printed copy of a few pages from protected ebooks.

All you need to do is take screenshots on any device where you can use the Kindle for PC or Kindle for Mac app.

You can also use the same method for iBooks.


Step one – Go to a page

When you want to print DRM-protected Kindle or Apple iBook pages, go to the page in the app you want to print.

Size the page to ensure you include all the text you want to print.


Step Two – Take a screenshot

You can use a screenshot or use a screengrab tool.

I used the screenshot tool for Mac in the image below.

It’s handy because it’s quicker and easier than the whole screen screenshots to copy multiple pages of an ebook.

how to print an ebook with a screenshot

After you take your screenshot or grab your pages, you can open the file to print.

You can also export the file from jpeg or png to pdf if you wish.

But depending on which pdf program you use, you might be able to combine your select pages into one document file.


Step Three – Print your pages

You can now print your selected pages from any protected ebook.



If you want to copy pages from a paper book, you need to use a scanner or find a photocopier.

So printing pages from an ebook is probably quicker and easier once you know how to do it.

If you read DRM-free epub ebooks, pdf is the easy way to create a printable ebook.

That’s why I prefer to buy or download ebooks from retailers that don’t use protection.

I can save them and keep backup copies.

Or, in this case, print out specific pages or even all of the ebook.

But, if you need to print selected pages from protected ebooks, it’s quite easy with screenshots.


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