4 Free Blog Websites For Authors To Help Market Your Books

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A website or blog is indispensable for an author

While Facebook and Twitter are must have social media platforms for self-publishing authors, many authors forget about taking the extra step of having a website and blog.

They are absolutely essential for so many reasons.

The most important of course is search engine listings with Google and Bing.

All of your thousands of Facebook posts and Tweets on Twitter will not help potential readers find you by using Google Search or Bing.

The only way to have your name and your books listed in search is to have a blog or website. This is your first real step in book marketing.

Another reason is that with a blog or website you can create a number of pages dedicated to your book, and use these to post on social media along with your book cover.

This is far more informative for readers than just posting links to your book on Amazon Kindle, over, over and over again.

The last reason is that you are in control.

With your own website or blog, you control the content, so you can promote yourself as an author and your book or books far better, and in much more depth.

Then, with regular blogging, you build your online presence, and naturally, your search engine listings.


You don’t need to spend a cent to have a great blog or website

If you have yet to create your author blog or website, here are the four best free website and blog alternatives.


1. WordPress


WordPress now powers 25% of sites on the Internet, so it’s a no-brainer that it is the number one choice as a free author website.

You can choose from many different free themes created by web designers, so you will be sure to have a beautiful and functional site.

The free version at wordpress.com is without a doubt the very best way to create a great website and blog.

You can create a functional home or landing page with flexible menus.

If later you wish to convert to a self-hosted WordPress site, it is very simple to import all your blog posts and pages.


2. Blogger


Google’s Blogger has been a favourite for millions of bloggers for years now. It is easy to use and has the added benefit of being part of Google, so Google search listings are almost guaranteed.

While a little restricted in features compared to WordPress, it is definitely number two on my list. For ease of use though, it is by far the easiest platform to start with for those new to blogging.


3. Weebly


Not quite in the class of WordPress or Blogger, but Weebly does a good job of making creating a website very easy.

However, it is a little lacking in blogging capabilities. Great though for showcasing your books, very quickly.


4. Wix


Again, Wix is great for creating a fantastic looking website design in very little time, but like Weebly, it is not a terrific platform for blogging.

From the four free website choices above, there is no reason not to have a great looking author website. Get started on your new blog to promote yourself, your books and your upcoming events.

Don’t rely totally on social networking.

Take an hour or so and create your presence on the web, and make sure your name and your books are included in search engine indexing, so potential readers can find you.


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Derek Haines

Derek Haines is an Australian author, living in Switzerland.

One thought on “4 Free Blog Websites For Authors To Help Market Your Books

  • I would agree with WordPress and Blogger since they do well in search engines and ease, but we have found that there are several other issues with using the free designers like Wix. The honest truth of things is a good web design service geared towards authors and small businesses that has a proven track record can make you more money and let you spend your time writing not designing. The hard part is finding the designer that works on a good sliding scale for website prices that can ALSO deliver very quality work. The free tools on the net use so much information farming and targeting. A good Facebook ad needs a GOOD website to point to. I know many people who click away from Wix, Weebly, and Godaddy site builders because they feel the company or person is not a permanent fixture.
    You will do much better from the get go with a site that can grow with you. Start aging your domain now while it is early and add to it as you can but stay away from those freebies. You will thank me in the long run. Domain names gain value in search engines with age. As a person grows their site should grow with them rather than being designed into a corner. That is wasted time when you could be writing!


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