If You Care About Grammar You Care About Writing

Good Grammar

I’m sure you’ve read a lot of articles and blog posts that contain grammar mistakes.

Some errors aren’t as bad as others, but most of them are unnecessary. Any good writer can avoid them easily.

A writer who spends a little bit of time correcting grammar mistakes cares about grammar so, cares about their writing quality.

Most authors and writers have a set process for corrections after they write their first draft.

Why is grammar important?

Good grammar means great writing.

Skilled writers always check a text to make sure it’s grammatically correct and free of spelling mistakes and typos.

With all the grammar tools available for writers these days, you can find help for just about any part of your writing.

There’s no excuse for bad grammar, spelling, and punctuation online or in ebooks.

It really makes a poor impression on readers.

Here’s why grammar matters for all writers.


A great first impression

A good reputation is essential for any writer. But poor grammar usage will always create a negative effect on a reader.

When a reader comes across a website with poor quality written content, they’re highly unlikely to come back.

You need to create an excellent first impression to show readers that you always take the time to do the best you can with your writing.

No one is expecting absolutely faultless writing.

But it shows when a writer doesn’t pay attention to detail when creating content.


Clear communication

You don’t want your readers to walk away from your work, wondering what you were trying to say.

It’s vital to communicate your message clearly, and you can’t do so with poor grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure.

You always need to double-check your work before you publish it.

The last thing you want is to fall into an eat grandma mistake or misunderstanding.

You take a lot of time writing. But if your message is difficult to read and understand, it will waste your readers’ time.

Proper grammar usage is all about making your message crystal clear.



If you write your content well and communicate clearly, you have a better chance of being regarded as a believable and trustworthy writer.

You can use a writing correction tool to help with poor grammar.

But you also need to take the time to proofread and edit your work and check your facts.

If you want your readers to believe your facts and data, you have to prove to them that you can back up your claims.

A citation or reference source helps in this regard.

It is a relationship of trust you are working on, and that takes time and effort.


Saves time

You’re often trying to rush your writing to get it published as soon as possible.

But if an editor has to send it back to you with lots of corrections, you’re going to waste more of your time.

The time it takes for an editor to correct your mistakes and ask for your opinion on corrections is time lost.

Always run your draft through a reliable online grammar checker and do a thorough proofread before you send it off.


How do you improve your grammar?

Read a lot

A writer who doesn’t read a lot will never be a good writer.

For some reason, some writers spend all their hours writing and forget about reading.

When you read a novel or even quality long-form articles online, you can always pick up on different elements and structures in the text.

You can then use them in your writing.

Set a goal for yourself to read at least a few pages every day.

You could make this part of your evening routine. Take a few minutes out of your day to relax and read other writers’ work.


Write every day

Should a writer write every day? For most writers, the answer is yes.

But it’s certainly not a golden rule you can’t break.

However, if you do, aim for a word count that works for you and your daily routine.

Then try to meet your goal each day if you can.

You always get better at anything if you practice.

There are no shortcuts to being a good writer, so practice helps.

Always check your writing with a good grammar checker. Take note of the mistakes you are often making.

Do you often split infinitives? Learn how to fix it.

Then the next time you write, be alert for these errors and correct them as you write.

After a while, you won’t be making those mistakes again.


Take an online class

There’s no need to enroll in a formal program.

You could do some research and find a writing course that you can do online.

There are usually lessons based on studying grammar structures that you can add to your writing repertoire.

Writing is a craft, so learning new skills you can apply will always help you to become a better writer.


Ask someone

If the English language is not your mother tongue, you should always ask someone to help you check your English grammar usage.

Takes notes of the types of mistakes that you make and ask them to help explain the fundamentals of grammar rules to you.

It might be a friendlier way for you to memorize and understand the structures so you to apply them to your writing.

Grammar is not so difficult to learn and understand. But remember that even the best writers still have editors.

We all make mistakes.

But take a little bit more time checking for grammar errors before you go ahead and press that send or publish button.



Good grammar is always about excellent communication skills.

It doesn’t matter if you are writing a book, an article, or a job application.

You should always pay a little extra attention to detail.

Always check and then always check again.

Always proofread and edit your work before you send it to your publisher.

Don’t tarnish your reputation by rushing.

Show your readers that you value them and that you’ll go the extra mile to deliver great content.

Try to do something every day to improve your writing if you want to become a skilled writer.

Derek Haines

A Cambridge CELTA English teacher and author with a passion for writing and all forms of publishing. My days are spent teaching English and writing, as well as testing and taming new technology.

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