How To Publish An Article On Google – Your Choices

How To Publish An Article On Google

You have plenty of free choices if you are a new writer and want to publish an article on Google.

Because almost everyone uses Google, it makes sense to use its apps or platforms to post your content.

However, the services you choose will depend on what type of article you want to post and how often you intend to publish.

Here’s a look at the options that might suit your writing and publishing objectives.

Google Blogger

Google Blogger logo

Undoubtedly, Google Blogger is one of the oldest and most popular blogging platforms.

It began in 1999 and is still going strong today.

For new writers who want to publish articles on Google, it’s a quick, easy, and free service.

One of the big advantages of Blogger is that you don’t need any technical skills.

All you need to do is select a name for your blog and a template and start posting your articles.

All your posts will be available online at your address.

Each one will have a unique URL, so you can use it to promote your articles on social media or other platforms.

Newer blogging platforms might offer more options and tools. But if all you want to do is publish your posts and articles on Google, then Blogger is all you need.

Another benefit is that Blogger is available in 60 languages, making it a platform for writers worldwide.


Google Sites

Google Sites

As the name suggests, Google Sites is a free app to help you design websites.

It uses a modern drag-and-drop interface to make it easy to incorporate functional elements.

It differs from Blogger in that it is not a chronological blogging platform.

You need to create individual pages of a site.

However, you can use a page or pages on your Google Site to post your content or articles.

If you only want to publish a small number of pieces, it’s probably a better choice than a dedicated blog.


Google My Business

Google Business Profile

Did you know that you can publish articles on Google My Business?

It’s one of the easiest ways to ensure your new article is on Google almost immediately.

You can choose from different categories of posts, including reviews, updates, offers, events, and FAQs. Other choices are for services or products.

It’s not an option for all writers. But if you have or can claim a business, you can use this method.

For more information and a complete how-to guide, you can read this in-depth article from Hootsuite.


Google Drive

publish an article with Google Drive

With your Google Drive account, publishing an article online is extremely simple.

You can write your article using any word processor such as Google Docs, Word, or Pages.

All you need to do is convert it to PDF, and you will be ready to post your article using Google Drive.

You can read our complete article on how to publish a PDF article online for more details.


Google Scholar

Google Scholar

If you are writing and publishing academic articles, they can appear in Google Scholar.

It’s not a simple process, as you can’t publish directly.

You need to publish your academic article on your site, such as Blogger, and then Google Scholar may list and show your paper.

Another factor is to format your article correctly so that Google’s search robots can find and index your article.

You can find more details here regarding inclusion in Google Scholar.

If you already have a profile, there is an additional option for you to add your articles manually.


Google News

Google News

Logically, this is only an option if you post regular news articles.

The qualifications for having content listed in Google News are quite strict, so it’s not an option for new writers.

But if you can succeed in having your articles distributed instantly, you can expect to gain a lot of readers.

With around 600 million visitors per month, it is a very popular source.

You might not be ready right now.

But if you want to plan ahead, you can read this comprehensive guide on how to publish on Google News.


Publishing versus indexing and ranking

You have plenty of choices to publish an article on Google and also on many other publishing platforms.

But don’t confuse publishing on Google with appearing and ranking in Google Search.

As you can see from the list above of Google’s publishing services, Google makes it easy for you to publish your content.

But when it comes to appearing in Google Search, it’s not so simple.

It’s very competitive, and only the highest quality content and articles manage to get indexed by Google.

Even when indexed, it doesn’t mean that a post will rank well.

When you do a Google Search, the number of results shows just under the main menu on the first page.

For example, the search term, how to write an article for a blog, returns 658,000,000 results.

If you want to write an article and rank for that search term on page one of Google Search, you can see that there is a lot of competition, so it will be extremely difficult.

Appearing in Google Search also depends on many other factors, including backlinks, site speed, authority, expertise, and trust.

For new writers and bloggers, you need to be realistic in your expectations.

You can certainly succeed.

However, it takes a long time to create all the elements of a successful blog or site and to develop your SEO knowledge.



Today, new writers have so many terrific options available to help publish and promote their writing.

In this case, it’s about how easy it is to write and publish articles, blog posts, and academic or technical content.

But there are so many other forms of writing, and for all of them, there are plenty of opportunities to self-publish or publish online.

Being a writer is not for everyone.

However, if you are passionate about your writing and willing to be patient and persist, you can find success.


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