What The Increase In Amazon Prime Membership Means For Authors

What Amazon Prime Membership Means For AuthorsThree million new Amazon Prime members

Three million new Amazon Prime members is big news.

But what does Amazon Prime have to do with authors? A lot.

It means that three million more people have access to KOLL (Kindle Owners Lending Library) ebook borrowing, as well as being positively more likely to take up Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited ebook subscription service.

Ebook sales as we know it are diminishing, especially for self-published authors, so this announcement by Amazon is telling in that it paints a picture of the future of ebook revenue.

Sales will not be the measure much longer, but borrows and page reads will be.

This means, of course, a lower financial return per ‘read’, so success will depend on gaining more readers via either ebook borrowing or more probably, KENP ebook page reads.

With this announcement, Amazon is making a point, and for self-published authors, it is quite a big one.

The only way for authors to access these three million Amazon Prime members is to enrol in Kindle Direct Publishing Select (KDPS), which of course demands exclusivity to Amazon.

This choice about exclusivity has always been a difficult one to make for authors, but with these numbers of new Prime members that Amazon are boasting about, it becomes difficult to ignore what is happening in the ebook market. Three million?

What other ebook retailer has that number? Let alone new members.

I know that there are those who believe in open publishing on as many retailers as possible.

However, it is becoming more and more difficult to argue with raw numbers and market share.

No one wants an ebook monopoly, but Amazon is doing its very best to create one.

Sadly, though, their competitors seem to have their feet stuck in the mud.

Three million new members? Honestly, that is a number totally beyond any other ebook retailer.

With the demise of a number of ebook retailers and ebook subscription providers in recent times, the future looks bleak for competitors to Amazon Kindle.

Yet one can only hope that there are some who will succeed.

The ebook market does not need or want a monopoly on retail sales or even borrows, yet it is looking more and more as if it is happening.


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Derek Haines

Derek Haines is an Australian author, living in Switzerland.

One thought on “What The Increase In Amazon Prime Membership Means For Authors

  • May 3, 2018 at 7:52 am

    Having your book lent out sounds good. But without Amazon making potential readers aware of its existance among the millions of ebooks on its virtual book shelves in the first place on a daily basis, no one will bother to search for it of their own accord Derek. No lending means no pages read…


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