Why Writing An Essay Is Complicated For Many And How To Deal With It

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Writing An Essay

If you are a college student or a freelance writer who is facing with the necessity to produce content on a daily basis, you might face some problems and blocks, especially if you need to produce something in the nonstop mode.

Below some reasons that keep you away from the successful writing are named as well as the helpful ways to deal with it.



Top causes which stop you from successful writing


1) Inability to produce something creative due to the lack of the rest.

If you are a workaholic who really loves the kind of job he does, you are not free from the difficulties with producing something new. Sometimes all of us need a day off, even if you can’t imagine walking somewhere without a laptop.

The way out if you have this problem is making yourself some bright days-off you might remember at least once in the half-of-the year. Turn off your endless notifications, stop checking the mail and just enjoy your rest.

Go to another country or city, visit the concerts and exhibitions, enjoy this day or two. After, when you will get back to work, you will be inspired and you will see the tasks from the different angle than before.


2) The inability to write your thoughts properly on the paper or the text document.

If you are a student, especially in some technical university or a college, you can be very smart when it comes to solving equations, but have the lack of skills when it comes to writing.

If you are tired of starting on the blank page for hours, time to deal with it by reading the inspirational articles. You can write down the key thoughts and the text passages you like to have some starting point. With these materials, writing will flow easier.


3) Inability to concentrate due to some inner or outer reasons.

Despite an opinion that the writing requires only creative skills, the real writers are familiar with the pitfalls of this process. In the beginning, you need to create the plan for your future article and then you need to follow it strictly following your tasks set.

This will help you to avoid the lack of concentration and procrastination.

The time-management techniques like Pomodoro or setting the strict time limits to every segment of the plan might be helpful. Turn writing into a game with the achievements and rewards. This might work because the deeper reason for the inability to concentrate is the lack of motivation.


4) The lack of confidence.

Often this problem is named a writer’s block because for some reasons you think of your inability to complete some tasks. The common way to resolve this problem as soon as possible is just to start writing.

After you will complete one or two paragraphs, the lack of confidence will go away and you will be pleased by the speed and quality of your performance.



5) The problems with plagiarism.

If you write as a freelancer for some commercial projects, you might find that even if you completed an assignment all be yourself, without copypasting the initial sources, the plagiarism checker might show the lack of uniqueness.

You might try to rewrite the sentences, change some words or even remake the whole structure.

Often this stage of getting the work done takes even more time than the initial writing. Be ready for it, because it’s ok to change the text many times before you have it completed.

If you are a student, who is not getting paid for endless hours in front of the computer, just buy essay online from another professional writer who will complete your task within the pretty limited timeframe.

To sum up it all, it might be said that the recipe for making yourself a productive writer again is pretty simple. You just need to build a logical plan of your work submitted, see the result and focus on it.

Then you need to read some source literature and create a draft. After all, you need to edit the piece of work you have and consider it fits all the requirements, posted by your director or alma mater.


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