6 Things You Should Know Before Choosing Stock Photos

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Tips on choosing stock photos

For every visual compelling graphics out there, there is always someone who never gave up while designing that beautiful graphic you see.

Graphic designs sometimes prove to be a daunting task; the designer has to decide which color, temperature, fonts, shapes or illustrations to include in the design, sometimes the designer has to restart the design so many times before arriving at one final design.

Marketers know the true power of visual content in branding and advertising, it has proved to be very useful to communicate with potential clients or customers without using so many resources.

A good graphic designer also understands that the most important part of the design is the illustrated images, how they communicate the intention of the designer, is the illustration real enough to communicate the intended message?

Sometimes a designer is forced to hire a professional photographer to take a custom photo, but this cost more and most times inflate the budget for the design.

All these are the reason why it is not so simple to go on the internet and just download any stock photo to use on a design project, it requires skills and tactics to browse through hundreds or even thousands of suitable photos, one also have to face the choice of which contrast, abstract or specific?

Which alignment? Which orientation? Bold and Bright or Pastel? The factors that contribute to choosing the most suitable stock photo are endless.

In order not to perform all those rigorous tasks mentioned above and to minimize time while designing graphics for your brand, here are few tips you should keep in mind, though simple, they are very effective, make use of them and you will design perfect visual contents in no time:

Mind the end result

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Before choosing stock photos for a project, picture the end result of your design in your mind, ask yourself these questions “using this photo, am I going to be able to achieve the result I have in mind?

Am I going to get my desired outcome?

To make a point, let us have an example of a graphic designer trying to design an advertisement banner for a company that sells eco-friendly benches made of natural wood, the designer wants to make the banner more communicative by searching such wood chair in places like a park or somewhere that makes people feel relaxed, and if possible people looking so relaxed on such bench.

The designer will go on the internet and find a stock photo with such bench in a park but with people sitting on it feeling not so relaxed, or such bench in not such a relaxed environment (like a graveyard). Using either of these photos will ridicule the whole design and may end up communicating a wrong intent.

Be versatile

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Using the like of above scenario, sometimes a graphic designer should be versatile and creative; while searching for a suitable stock image the designer may also find a stock photo with the type of bench with people sitting on it feeling relaxed but some irrelevant object or people included in the photo.

If the designer is creative enough, he may crop out the needed image and still end up with an amazing and interactive design. Next time you are looking for a suitable stock photo for your project and you find one almost suitable but has irrelevant objects around the subject, be creative, be versatile.

Bold and Bright is captivating

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At times you may find multiple suitable stock photos for your projects, then the need to choose one arise. In this case, the ideal option will be to choose the one that displays the images more boldly and in bright colors.

Images that are displayed in bright colors capture attention faster and the boldness will make the brain focus more on it.

Not just any colorful image will do, what you should focus on is finding photos with high contrast; contrasts in colors, lighting, hues, and saturation. Make use of this tip and your design will stand out on feeds and web pages.

Select an image that goes along with your text

You don’t want to be sending a message with the texts and the images on the design saying another thing.

Texts are the first available resources while doing a graphic design because you already know what you want to write on it, but always try to find a photo that complements the texts.

Colors are important

Yes! Very important!

The beauty of a graphic design is mostly based on it colors, a graphic designer who doesn’t know how to combine colors is not so professional.

Before starting a design project, decide on a color theme and find a matching stock photo that goes along with it.

Are the emotions and mood real

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Communicating a message through emotions is common in modern visual contents design, though the emotions and mood are staged but fails to look real at times.

It is ideal to find photos where raw emotions shine through, these photos quickly grasp audience attention and set the mood to give your design context and vibes.

Have these ideas in your mind every time you want to do a design project and you will always make a beautiful and informative design in less time.

Other criteria for selecting a suitable stock photo are; text friendly photos, high quality, natural photos with good lighting and images that are relevant to your project context.

Also, make sure that your end product is sharp and of high quality, the quality of a design sometimes reflects the brand’s product or services.

Be creative and stick to the concept, your audience is the end user of your design, so be considerate of how your audience will receive your message.

Picking a suitable stock image for a design project is challenging but making use of the above ideas you will always arrive at an amazing design. “Practice makes perfect,” they say, keep doing more and more design project, in no time you will be good at it.

If you ever got stuck on where to find a lot of high quality, professional and relevant images for your projects, Depositphotos is a good place to start.

There you have the privilege to download any image for just $1, you can also create albums to organize your images.

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