Amazon Book Review Policies Updated With $50 Minimum

Amazon Combats Fake Reviews With $50 Minimum Spend

Amazon combats fake book reviews with $50 minimum spend

Book reviews on Amazon over the years have attracted more scams than can possibly be imagined. Most revolve around click farms and amassing lots of Amazon accounts.

By creating hundreds, if not thousands of Amazon accounts, scammers could boost free Kindle ebook downloads, add customer reviews, or manipulate book sales ranking.

There have been many, many articles written about problems associated with Amazon customer reviews in relation to ebook reviews in particular. There has also been manipulation of Kindle ebooks, as Let’s Get Digital explains how Scammers Broke the Kindle Store.

At the same time, Amazon has tried to resolve these problems in a number of ways.

Some seemed draconian at the time; especially a few years ago when Amazon started deleting existing book reviews. It was never fully explained, however, the deleted reviews were often classed as being posted by someone with a close connection to the author.

While Amazon was less than clear about what a close connection or relationship meant, many authors believed that it was not only reviews posted by family and friends, or in some case business associates, but also social media connections.

In any event, what was correctly assumed or not, Amazon deleted a lot of reviews at the time and while eradicating many fake reviews, some honest reviews were deleted as well.

It is unfortunate that when Amazon has acted on scams and fake reviews in the past, a lot of innocent authors have been caught up in the fix.

But at last, a sensible Amazon solution to fake book reviews.

Unless you are an avid reader of Amazon’s terms and conditions and community guidelines, it is impossible to know what changes are made. Amazon never dates the changes that it makes, so it is next to impossible to know when a change is made.

However, one change is really worth knowing about. As it is updated, I can’t precisely say when it changed, but by my reckoning, it must have been made in the last few weeks or couple of months.

The important change is this one sentence:

To contribute to Customer Reviews or Customer Answers, Spark, or to follow other contributors, you must have spent at least $50 on using a valid credit or debit card.

You can view the full page here.

This is a very positive change in regard to book reviews because it will greatly reduce the ability of click farms.

By adding a $50 minimum spend, the 1,000s of Amazon accounts that have been used to manipulate reviews and free ebook downloads will now be unable to contribute customer reviews.

What can authors do about free ebook promotions and reviews now?

The new $50 condition should mean that any book reviews posted from now on will be from real Amazon customers. This is very much a positive move.

However, authors should still be aware that asking for reviews can lead to problems.

Here is what Amazon stipulates:

You may provide free or discounted copies of your books to readers. However, you may not demand a review in exchange or attempt to influence the review. Offering anything other than a free or discounted copy of the book—including gift cards—will invalidate a review, and we’ll have to remove it.

Read the full text here.

In other words, you can, and should continue to use free Kindle ebook promotions if you are eligible under KDP Select, but be careful about how you promote your free ebook offer on social media so as to avoid inducements to review your book.


All authors want book reviews. This is a given fact.

However, the most worthwhile reviews are gained organically, which means it is up to readers to decide if they post a book review.

Many readers do not choose to do this, so it can be slow going to attract a good number of reviews for a new book.

Amazon has made it clear over the years, and now with its change to add a $50 minimum spend, that it is serious about trying to maintain at least some degree of integrity in Amazon customer reviews.

Its aim is clear. Amazon wants customer reviews that are posted by customers, and not by click farms, inducement or illegitimate means.

Trying to garner the review system now can only lead to problems.

The best way for authors to get book reviews is the old-fashioned way.

Sell more copies of your books, and the reviews will arrive.

Derek Haines

Derek Haines is an Australian author, living in Switzerland.

10 thoughts on “Amazon Book Review Policies Updated With $50 Minimum

  • How can you possibly think this is a good idea? People who borrow books from libraries, or buy them through other stores, have been banned from commenting, and now people who don’t have $50 to spend on books are also banned. This hurts writers.

    • I don’t think this will hurt writers. Troll book reviews have been a big problem on Amazon, so I tend towards thinking that this is a positive move. The fewer one star troll reviews from free ebook hunters, the better.

  • Is this $50.00 minimum spend on anything from Amazon? My husband spends that much each month at least..I buy and have gotten free e books on Amazon and also from the library. I think if we like a book we should still be able to write a review..I personally will not get my own Amazon account..why should I..that means we would be spending even more money that we just do not have..I am retired and the hubby is disabled…js.

  • Interesting question, RoryLynn. Amazon doesn’t explain if this applies to a household. However, I assume that only an Amazon account holder, who has spent $50, can now post reviews.

  • Do you have to have spent $50 each time you want to leave a review?

    • No Annabelle. You only need to have spent $50.00 on your Amazon account.

  • So, is this or your local amazon stores? As I’m in the UK I generally only buy from the UK, although I have bought physical things and gift cards on .com to send to US friends.
    Can I still review on .com, or am I restricted to UK?
    Maybe I need to ask Amazon, but then again, I’m sure other people will ask.

  • I believe the $50 rule applies to all Amazon stores, but it would be worth checking. As for your reviews, you should still be able to post reviews on all stores.

  • Thanks for this updated information. :) — Suzanne


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