Grammarly vs. Other Tools: Which One Will Triumph?

Which grammar checker is right for you?

By Lisa Brown

Which grammar checker is right for you?

There are many good tools out there to help you check English grammar mistakes, and then there are some that seem to cause more hassle than help.

When you look into grammar correcting tools, it is always important to check the reviews and statistics for each application.


You want to make sure you get the best of the best because the way you present yourself in your writing says a lot about you.

When you check English grammar, you need to be sure that you are getting the best bang for your buck.

Yes, there are always going to be amazing marketing campaigns behind every business, but it is what people say that matters.

Take notice of customer reviews when deciding on a purchase.

Grammarly seems to have come out of nowhere and has somehow made a name for itself. It created a name so powerful that we start associating good grammar with Grammarly.

It takes a lot for a new company to make a name for itself and get solid brand recognition.

Grammarly came and did that in a short amount of time, and we have to look into the whys.

My opinion is that the customers were very happy with the product and that is what created the growth spurt.

There are many other good products out there, but they seem to have taken a backseat to the new kid on the block.

Let’s look at Grammarly vs the rest.



Grammarly helps every writer of every skill level to write better. You can have a poor command of English, yet Grammarly effortlessly helps you create beautifully written pieces.

Any grammar check that does an English syntax check is a winner. The bonus with this program is that it helps you without interfering with your writing.

What I love about it as well is that it does not automatically correct your mistakes. You will be notified of any possible mistakes and grammar issues, and then you have the choice to correct them or not.

This way, you need to pay attention to what you are correcting and will most likely not keep repeating the same grammatical mistakes.


There are free versions with browser extensions that will do a good job of grammar and spell checking, as well as a premium version.



If you use a WordPress site, you are probably familiar with the Jetpack plugin. This is because it has become one of the most popular WordPress plugins.

Usually, we use this program for its site traffic capabilities, and it works perfectly. What many of us don’t know is that Jetpack also has a spelling and grammar checker you can install.

For bloggers, this will be a great benefit because they are already used to the Jetpack navigation. You can select the features you want Jetpack to include when checking your website.

Spelling and grammar are two of those options. It is a great addition to an already good program.



Ginger Software developed a great grammar checker, and it’s amazing. This company was already functioning well but thought about expanding its features by adding this new addition.

It is great for new writers who are not sure if their grammar is up to scratch. The IOS function is working much better and seems to be the main focus of this company.

It does, however, offer much more on other devices, but we do see that it spends more time updating the IOS features.

Using this tool on your desktop might leave you a little disappointed, but if you use it purely in IOS mode, you will probably love it.



If you are trying to become a better writer overall and are not purely focusing on grammar, Hemingway might be more suitable for you.

What makes this program special is that it does not focus solely on your spelling and grammar. We are aware that it is important to write posts that flow naturally without sounding too tight.

Well with this program, you will receive suggestions about sentence structure and passive voice to take your writing up a notch.

Most of the other tools will focus purely on grammar, but Hemingway will help you become a better writer overall.

The benefits are undoubtedly incredible, and we are starting to see it more and more each day.


Grammarly wins this round for us because of the easy navigation and use of the program in Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

Many writers using a grammar checker need it to be efficient and quick. If you are looking for a program to give you as many valid suggestions as possible, Grammarly will probably be the best tool for you.

Besides the fact that it is easy to use, you get very accurate results when using it correctly. This is not just about good advertising and a marketing campaign.

You have to look at what a program can do for you and which one suits your needs best.

Even though we feel that Grammarly triumphs in this round, does it mean it is the best for you?

Analyze your needs and writing styles and match that to the perfect program for you.

We are all at different levels of any language, and once you establish where you are, you can find the program that best suits your personal writing needs.




There are so many tools out there these days to help you become a better writer, or at least appear to be one.

No matter who you are writing for, it is always important to make the most of the opportunity given and do your best.

By recognizing this, we know the importance of good writing.

There are a lot of content marketing campaigns going on right now, so being a good writer can become a sustainable career. All you have to do is make sure your work is of the highest standard.

Of course, you can use the least perfect grammar checker and still do well, but why leave it up to chance? Use a good grammar checker to help you get ahead of the game.

If you are trying to become a professional writer, or author, or just want to do well in your college essay, you need to do all you can to publish your best possible writing.


Lisa Brown

Lisa Brown works as a content manager. She is specialized in writing useful articles for writers, students and people who want to improve their writing skills. Her hobby is reading, travelling and blogging. Lisa`s life motto is “Never stop learning because life never stops teaching”.


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  • June 27, 2018 at 6:20 am

    I wish you would have rated ProWritingAid also. I switched from Grammarly because PWA works with Scrivener! No more cut and paste.


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