How Often Should You Write Blog Posts On Your New Site?

write new blog posts

How often should you write new blog posts after you start your blog? At least once per week, but more often is better.

It takes a lot of work to set up a new blog.

You need to choose your platform and design your blog theme. Perhaps you will have the option to add functionality and plugins.

But the essential part of any blog is writing regular quality blog posts and articles.

Starting your new blog

When you start a new blog from scratch, your first task is deciding your blog topic.

If you plan to monetize your blog, you should choose a highly focused subject area.

Your marketing strategy will be to get organic traffic from search engines.

On the other hand, if you intend to start a blog that will be a hobby or a social project, your blog topic choice is not as important.

blogging platforms

There are many blogging platforms available for both blogs and websites.

Choosing the right one for your needs is essential. 

You should consider whether your choice will allow you to develop your blog in the long term.

You can always export your blog posts to a new platform if you change your mind.

But it’s better to make the right choice before you begin.


Blog platform choices

There are a lot of free and paid blogging service choices. But for most bloggers, four offer the tools you will need.

1. Blogger (Free)

Blogger is a free blogging platform from Google. It has been a reliable free service for bloggers for years and years.

It is very easy to set up and start a blog. Once you click the add a new site button and agree to the terms of service, you are ready to go.

2. WordPress (Free)

Without a doubt, WordPress is by far the most popular blogging platform.

With the free version, all you need to supply is an email address, and you can start setting up your blog.

As with all free services, there are some restrictions on functionality and tools that you can use. If you plan to make money from blogging, free platforms rarely offer many opportunities.

3. WordPress (Paid)

You can upgrade a free WordPress site to a choice of premium versions anytime.

It is an easy step if you want more functionality and tools for your blog. You will need to pay a monthly fee by credit card for the upgrade.

It is a good option for high-quality Wordpress blogging if you are not technically minded.

4. WordPress (Self-hosted)

If you plan to earn money from your blog, either part-time or full-time, this is your only choice if you want lots of people to read your blog.

Self-hosted WordPress is used by major newspapers, magazines, and almost all pro bloggers.

You will need a fast and reliable web hosting service, which is not expensive. Then you need to install WordPress on your host’s server.

Many web hosting services have a one-click WordPress install, so it is an easy process. Once complete, you will enter your WP Admin dashboard, and you will have your blog up and running.

You will have access to thousands of free and paid plugins and themes and be free to design and build your blog to your exact needs.


How often should new bloggers post?

Many new bloggers ask how often they should write blog posts.

The answer depends on what type of blog you are building and what you want from all your hard work.

But as a general rule, you should write a new blog post at least once a week.

If you are building a new blog to create an income stream, you should aim for at least three new blog posts per week.

The most important factor is writing valuable content and not necessarily the number of posts. In other words, quality over quantity.


Social blogging

If you start blogging as an extension of your social media activities, a free platform will work well for you.

You can share your blog posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest and expect to get some comments on your posts.

In this case, you should think about writing a blog post, perhaps once or twice a week, to build interest in your new blog.

You are not trying to set your blog up as a business, so your posting frequency is up to you.

But you should always try to create quality content that will interest people.


Pro blogging

If you are serious about blogging and want to use it for lead generation, you will need a lot of content.

To sell your products or services or to make money from advertising and affiliate marketing, you will need to post high-quality content.

You should set up your blogging frequency in your planning agenda. For a new blog, 3 to 4 times a week is about right.

Daily posts are not a bad idea.

But it is hard work writing great content. It takes time to write, so adjust your frequency to the time you have available.

You will need to get a lot of search engine traffic to succeed.

To do this, you will have to write a lot of blog posts aimed at your target audience and get some to rank high on Google and Bing.

The key to success with content marketing is driving traffic to your site.

But don’t expect miracles until you’ve written and published at least 100 posts.

You can add as many call-to-action elements as you want, but no one will act on them until they can find you on Google and Bing search.

Neil Patel is a well-known and successful blogger. But his success has come from the fact that he has published nearly 3,000 posts.

Harsh Agrawal, who owns, has published over 2,200 posts.

You don’t need to read any of the hundreds of “The ultimate guide to blogging” articles on the net to know that regular posting of quality blog articles is one of the best ways to succeed.


Set yourself a blogging schedule

blogging schedule

People like to read informative and current posts, and they will keep returning if they like what you are writing on your blog.

You will get a lot of your organic traffic from Google.

But it is important to keep in mind that when readers find a site they like, they will often bookmark it and return to it regularly.

Your posting schedule can determine how often they return. When a return visitor finds no new content, they will return less frequently.

That’s why it’s so important to write new blog posts as often as possible.

However, if they find new content every time they visit, you could have some visitors returning on a daily basis. Think here about how a newspaper works.

If your blog is for fun and on a free platform, then one or two posts per week or so are probably fine.

But if you are blogging for an income and want to build your traffic and perhaps your email list, you might consider publishing a new post every day.

It is especially true in the early months of your new blog.

The simple arithmetic is that the more posts you publish, the more traffic you can expect.


Don’t forget SEO

The last but most important action to take for your new blog is to make sure it is SEO optimized.

Your on-page SEO is the first step.

Make sure you use the correct meta tags and format your posts with heading tags.

You should also add images, use bold and italics for highlighting, and add bullet points when necessary.

There are hundreds of free SEO tools available online to help you.



You can use blogging for fun or business.

But in either case, you need to write blog posts regularly.

If it is for your enjoyment, go with a free platform and enjoy writing and making new contacts and online friends.

But if you want to blog for business, you will need to pay a little to set up your blog and have access to the tools you will need to succeed.


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