How To Become A Famous Writer?

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Become a Famous Writer

Writing is not just a hobby

While people believe that the most incredible thing to do in your life is to transform your hobby into the profession, what they don’t know is that writing is no piece of cake. It is not something that you can do just like that. You go through a life transformational process when you choose writing as your profession. It doesn’t matter if you are planning to be a content writer and developer or an author, all that matters is that you know about the things that you’d have to face to be a famous writer.

It takes immense courage for an individual to think about getting into the field of writing since not everybody gets into this profession. Even when an individual begins with writing their first novel, it is not necessary that they would finish it. Half of the aspiring writers leave their books half-way because they lack patience, which is needed to be a famous writer.

When a person is at college or school, they find it easy to hire someone for essay writing. They know that they can get their work done in no time at all because all they’ve got to do is find someone who is into writing essays and assign the job to them. Once the job is done, they can submit the essays to their college or school faculty and wait for the grades. Since the essay writers are experts, the students are bound to get amazing grades for their assignments. Their career graph goes up since they are assigned to good grades for their assignment.

Being a writer is different from being a student

When you think of being a writer, it is not possible for you to do what you did as a school or college student. You can’t tell someone else to write a book for you and then get credits for something that you’ve not even done. Even if you do such a thing, deep down inside you’d know that the name and fame that you are receiving from the Universe doesn’t belong to you at all.

To be a famous writer, you have to do certain things:

Get a story that makes sense: If you genuinely want to be a famous writer, you’ve got to have a story to tell. You don’t have to write things from your personal experience unless they are worth sharing. Most of the authors always come up with fictional characters. The only thing that they do is make the characters so lively that the readers relate to and fall in love with them. Create characters that the readers can relate to as mentioned earlier, you need to build characters that seem promising to the eyes of the readers. Try reading some of the bestselling books in town and get a hand of what the readers what to read.

Once you are sure of what kind of characters are admired by the readers, you can win their hearts and become the bestselling author. Create a cover that makes people pick up your book and read: Even though the old saying goes “don’t judge a book by its cover,” most of the people prefer buying books depending upon the cover that they see. If the cover is good, they are happy about picking it up and reading. If you want your book to sell, create a cover that forces them to read what’s inside. Let the picture on the cover be influential and one of its kind.

Strengthen your grammar so that no one can point out at you: It is not an easy thing to be an author; if you dream of being a bestselling author in the world, the first thing that you need to do is work on your grammar. There are ways in which you can improvise your grammar and get the most out of your pen. Stick to good grammar, and you’d see your book doing wonders!

Know what you are doing in your book: Most of the writers forget the pace of their story because they jumble a lot of characters and make their story complicated. Unless you are sure of what you are creating, don’t focus on creating too many characters. It is okay to let the story revolve around three to four characters. As long as the story makes sense, no one would miss having more characters to read about. Create your very own website and blog.

This may seem a little off track, but if you want to be ahead of the other authors, try building your website and blog. Keep two different domain names – one for your website and the other for your blog – so that there is more content about, on and from you. If there’s a lot of content related to you on the internet, it becomes easier for you to gain popularity for your work.

Be approachable and answer the questions of your readers: So many writers receive fan mails and messages; the only wrong thing they do is not respond to their readers. If you want others to read your books often, you have to respond to almost all the messages or mails or texts that you receive. Let them know they can question you about your book anytime.

Generate fans and followers on social media: Unless you are popular on social media, you are not popular at all today! If you want to be a bestselling author, have as many followers and fans on social media as you can. Post excerpts from your books, random photographs and other such things to gain popularity on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

Be genuine to your readers and give them what they don’t expect in the story: Think out of the box; even if the story is simple, add twists and turns that leave the readers awestruck. Give them what they don’t expect, and you can be the next bestselling author in a couple of days.

Don’t kill your characters just because you think the “death stories” work fantastically: We personally dislike the authors who kill their characters just to gain sympathy from the readers. It is essential for you to keep the story as real as possible. Most of the readers prefer a happy ending so ensure to keep it that way unless killing a character is needed.

To be a famous writer, you have to:

  • Stay as calm as you can because success takes time
  • Be patient because you can’t be a popular writer overnight
  • Believe in yourself even if no one else does
  • Be your inspiration so that you don’t depend on anyone else to create a new story


If you have started walking on the journey of being a writer, we wish you all the best. We hope you get the best story in your mind and you put it well on papers.

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