18 Best Free Grammar Checkers And Grammar Correction Apps

Best Free Grammar Checkers

Even if you have excellent writing skills, it’s always a good idea to check your work with one of the many free grammar checkers available now.

Online tools are the most convenient solution for correcting spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Whether you’re writing an email, a blog post, or even a book, these tools can help ensure your writing is clear, concise, and error-free.

Fortunately, there are plenty of grammar apps if you are looking to correct and improve your writing. Free apps offer different features to help you check your grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Some provide additional details, such as style suggestions and readability scores.

With so many options available, you’re sure to find a tool that suits your needs and helps you quickly produce high-quality, error-free writing.

Don’t trust your word processor

Most word processors like Microsoft Word and Google Docs do a poor job of checking for spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes.

So, it’s always much better to use specialized grammar and spell checkers to correct and improve your writing quickly.

Good writing is all about accurate checking and following basic grammar rules.

It only takes a few minutes to do a free grammar check online and ensure your writing will make a good impression.

Write with freedom, yes. But then always check your writing carefully.

free grammar checkers -write with freedom edit with care

What are the best free grammar checkers?

Most grammar tools you can find online do a much better job finding grammatical errors and suggesting corrections than a word processor.

Some online tools give you explanations and examples of grammatical rules and sentence structures.

However, the one feature I always look for in free grammar apps is the ability to use one-click correction.

This can help you a lot, and it really speeds up the correction of your texts.


Save money with free grammar apps

You haven’t got money to burn.

Using a free online grammar checker is one of the most practical ways to improve your writing skills.

If English is not your mother tongue, using online tools to improve your English is always a good idea.

They can help you find basic grammar and spelling errors.

But if you are a student, a quick online check using the best grammar checker app you can find is the best way to help you correct your writing assignments, papers, and essays.

Whatever type of writer you are, you always need to check your writing for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

If you are searching for grammar help online, all the tools I have listed below are available for free or have a free version.

Some are available as phone apps, too.

It will depend on your needs to choose one or two of the best to suit you.

If you are an author, content writer, or pro blogger, these apps can certainly help you.

But you might need to consider a premium grammar tool at some point that might better suit your workload.

Please note that any prices mentioned in this article were correct at the time of publication.

So, what are your choices for a corrector tool to help you check and enhance your writing?

Here is my list of the best free writing and grammar app choices for you.


1. Grammarly (Free and premium)


Grammarly is a terrific app. It is one of the most popular English writing tools, so it tops my list.

After you install the free Grammarly browser app, you can check your online writing and correct it with one click.

Since it began in 2009, it has become a favorite app for writers. For many, it is the best writing checker of them all.

In fact, Grammarly says it has over 20 million daily users.

The full version, however, has many more ways to check your writing.

You can use the powerful desktop editor, connect to Word and Google Docs, as well as Word for Mac now. There is also an iOS app.

If you are looking for an advanced-level checking tool, this is it. Grammarly can check your text for run-on sentences, incorrect pronouns, and misused words.

It is excellent for synonyms and gives you many suggestions to improve your writing. You can also add words to your personal dictionary.

Grammarly’s stand-out feature is that you can correct many of your mistakes with just one click.

one click correction

All you need to do is hover over a red underlined word or phrase, and you can easily correct the error.

Another great tool is setting goals. It helps you find the right voice for your target audience.

grammarly goals

I use Grammarly premium every day for my online and blog writing. So, I can vouch for how useful, accurate, and practical it is. 


Free version: Browser extension.
Premium price: $12.00 per month on an annual plan.


Accurate and fast.
Lots of integration options.
Easy to use desktop editor.
Compatible with Microsoft Office and now Word for Mac.


Expensive for occasional writers.
No offline access.


2. Prowritingaid (Free and premium)


Prowritingaid is my favorite writing checker for long-form writing.

Any tool that can find your common writing mistakes and offers you quick and easy corrections will help make your writing so much better.

You can use Prowritingaid to do a grammar and spelling check of your writing with its free Chrome extension.

Then, you’ll have peace of mind that what you write online will be as error-free as possible.

It’s a great tool for checking your writing for blog posts, articles, or social media posts.

It’s also ideal for students who need a little help with correcting their assignments or essays.

Are you an author or a long-form content writer?

If writing is your business, the Prowritingaid desktop editor has many ways to analyze your long texts and documents.

Prowritingaid desktop editor

It includes over twenty reports you can use to examine your text or manuscript in depth.

It does far, far more than merely giving you an error suggestion list.

I use it all the time to find ways to improve my writing. It is, without a doubt, the best checking tool for long-form writing, such as manuscripts.

What I like most is that I can investigate my sentence patterns and structures. Then, I can find better ways to make my writing much clearer and more effective.

It works with Windows and Mac, Word, Google Docs, and Scrivener, and has a free Chrome extension.


Free version: Browser extension.
Premium price: $10.00 per month on an annual plan.


Accurate and fast.
The best desktop editor.
20 in-depth writing reports.
Scrivener integration.


Limited features with the free version.
No mobile apps.


3. Scribens  (Free and Premium)

scribens logo


Scribens is a new addition to my list of online writing checkers.

I have it listed in third place because the free version offers a lot of tools and functions that you would normally only find in a paid app.

It is a free grammar and punctuation checker and corrector, which makes it easy to improve your texts.

There is a generous 20,000-character limit, which equates to around 3,000 – 3,500 words. This is plenty for most writers.

During the checks I did, it was quite accurate, and found most of my mistakes.

But the big feature for me is that it offers you quick and simple one-click correction.

Scribens correction

When you hover over a marked error, a pop-up gives you an explanation. You can then click to accept the suggested correction.

You rarely find this feature in a free version. So, for me, this makes it one of the best grammar checker apps you can find for free.


Free version: Website.
Premium price: $4.96 per month on an annual plan. (Euro price 4.16)


Very easy to use
One-click corrections.
Extensions for many popular word processors.
French is available with the premium version.


No plagiarism checking.
No reports.
Slows down with long texts.


4. ChatGPT (Free and Premium)

ChatGPT Phone

AI is everywhere now and constantly in the news. It raises many concerns, but we have to adapt to this new technology.

While AI-generated writing is a problematic issue, AI tools have many other uses.

One of these is an outstanding free grammar checker.

ChatGPT is probably the most popular tool, and it does an excellent job of correcting grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

All you need to do is write your prompt, followed by a colon, and add (or paste) your text.

ChatGPT will respond with suggestions about grammatical issues, punctuation errors, consistency in verb tenses, subject-verb agreement, and correct word usage.

Here’s a quick example:

ChatGPT grammar check

For more information, read our detailed article with more uses for ChatGPT as a free grammar and writing checker, as well as a rephrasing tool.


Free version: Website, iOS, and Android Apps
Premium price: $20.00 per month.


Acceptably accurate grammar corrections.
Can rephrase or rewrite short texts.
Responds quite quickly.


Prompt limit – Approx 500 words.
No export. Only copy and paste.


5. Linguix (Free and Premium)

Linguix dashboard

Linguix is a relatively new writing tool.

The app offers online correction and writing assistance to help you write better, clearly, and correctly.

It is particularly useful if you write content articles with Google Docs or send outreach emails with Gmail. You can correct essays and even text messages.

There is a Chrome browser extension you can use to get started right away.

If you need an effective writing tool to help you improve and correct your online writing, it could be one for you to try.

For those hunting for a tool that is similar to Grammarly, this app might be for you.


Free version: Website.
Premium price: $8.00 per month on an annual plan.


Easy to use
One-click corrections.
Sharing and collaboration.


No integration with Word.
No reports.
Can miss some errors.


6. Ginger Grammar (Free and premium)


Ginger is so simple and easy to use. It has been around for a long time now and is a favorite of many writers.

It will find your basic grammar and spelling mistakes so you can quickly fix them with a single click.

With the browser extension, you can correct your grammar errors anywhere.

One of the best features of Ginger is the sentence checker that uses contextual spelling correction.

It will highlight your spelling errors based on your sentence’s context. These mistakes include bare and bear, to and too, pique and peak, and many other common homonyms.

Just let Ginger spell the word right.

Ginger software is a robust checker that is very accurate at the sentence level. It is perfect for working writers and students alike.


Free version: Browser extension.
Premium price: $7.49 per month on an annual plan.


Contextual spell checking.
Accurate grammar checking.
Translation with the premium version.


Limited corrections with the free version
No reports.
No offline access.


7. Hemingway Editor (Free)

Hemingway App free grammar checker

This is one of my favorite online tools to check my writing. The Hemingway App is just so easy and simple to use.

All you have to do is go to the website and paste your text into the editor. I call it my quick-fix passive killer.

If you have a habit of using the passive voice too often, it will undoubtedly be the best sentence checker for you.

It will find your passive sentences in a flash. Then, you can change your text to use more direct, active sentences.

You can read my review of the Hemingway app.


Free version: Website.
Premium price: $19.99 one-time payment.


Very easy to use.
Excellent style checker.
Fast and accurate.


Not a grammar checker.
No spell checking.
Expensive premium version.


8. QuillBot (Free)

QuillBot 750

QuillBot Grammar Checker is a quick and easy free tool you can use to check your manuscript.

One of the best features is that you can use one-click corrections to fix your grammar, punctuation, and spelling very quickly.

Another advantage is that it has a generous word count limit. I tested it with a text of over 2,000 words, and it quickly analyzed all of my text.

You can probably check one chapter at a time with the tool.

You can check each underlined suggestion and make a quick correction. But it also has a “Fix All Errors” button.

I’m not sure I would trust it for a long text. But it could be useful for a shorter text.

To use the checker, simply paste in your text, or you can use it as an editor and type your text.

When you finish correcting your writing, copy and paste it into your word processor.

Quillbot has other features, but these are only available with the premium version.

However, the grammar checker is free to use and an excellent tool to check and correct your writing.

There is also a free Chrome extension you can try.


Free version: Website.
Premium price: $6.67 per month on an annual plan.


Easy to use.
Chrome extension.
One-click correction.


No save or download function.
No integration possibilities.


9. Language Tool (Free and premium)

Language Tool

Language Tool has one very big advantage. You can check more languages than English.

The free version offers a generous 20,000-character limit as well as access to check German texts.

You can also get a Chrome extension.

It is very much worth a look.


Free version: Website.
Premium price: $6.26 per month on an annual plan.


Free Chrome extension.
One-click correction.
Can check different languages.


Limited options.
Misses some errors.


10. Becorrect (Free)

becorrect free grammar checker

Becorrect is a super easy-to-use free grammar checker.

With it, you can check up to 20,000 characters, which is about 3,000 words.

It gives you suggested corrections that you can click and choose to change.

The site’s layout is clean, and it’s very easy to see your errors in the right-hand pane. It’s well worth a try.


Free version: Website.
Premium price: No premium version.


Reasonably accurate.
Generous word limit for a free checker.
One-click correction.


No options.
Slow to analyze.
Can’t export your corrected text.


11. Grammar Lookup (Free)

grammar look up large

Unlike many other tools, with Grammar Lookup, there seems to be no limit on the number of words you can check.

I pasted 3,000 words from a book manuscript into the text box, and the app started checking for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.

If you’re looking for an app with a generous word limit, this one is well worth trying.


Free version: Website.
Premium price: No premium version.


Reasonably accurate.
Generous word limit for a free checker.
Choose US or British English.


No options.
Can’t export your corrected text.


12. Grammar Check (Free)

Grammar Check

Another good site. Just paste your text into the Grammar Check editor, and that’s it.

There’s nothing fancy here. But if all you want is a free grammar check to find basic mistakes, this app will work fine for you.


Free version: Website.
Premium price: No premium version.


Reasonably accurate.
Generous word limit for a free checker.


No options.
Unattractive design.


13. Online Correction (Free)

online correction free grammar checker

This is another very easy-to-use online sentence corrector application.

When I tested Online Correction, it did an excellent job of finding errors and some typographical points.

While it is an advertising-supported tool, it is not bad at all.

When I pasted around 3,000 words, the tool analyzed my text very quickly.

So, if all you want is a quick check, it is an ideal tool. It will check your writing accuracy and find any punctuation mistakes.


Free version: Website.
Premium price: No premium version.


Easy to use.
Choose US, British, Australian, New Zealand, or South African English.


Slow to analyze.
Limited suggestions.


14. Spell Checker Plus (Free and Premium)


Another advertising-supported tool. But Spell Check Plus handled my 3,000-word text with ease.

It does a very good job of finding spelling error corrections and some punctuation errors.

Useful for a quick check of a short article or essay for students.


Free version: Website.
Premium price: $14.99 one-time payment.


Easy to use.
Offers useful suggestions.
Explains possible errors.


Slow to analyze.
No way to correct errors.


15. Paper Rater (Free and premium)

Paper Rater

Paper Rater is definitely aimed at students.

I had to cut my 3,000-word text down to 1,500 words because of the word limit restriction with the free version.

However, it produced a detailed report but was a little slow compared to similar apps.


Free version: Website.
Premium price: $7.49 per month on an annual plan.


Offers some useful suggestions.
Explains possible errors.


Slow to analyze.
No way to correct errors.


16. Virtual Writing Tutor (Free)

virtual writing tutor

While it’s clearly a writing checker aimed at students and essay writers, Virtual Writing Tutor has some useful features.

There is a 1,000-word limit, which is fair for a free grammar checker. But you can get up to 3,000 words if you register as a member.

To check your writing, you need to select from a row of buttons. The results are reasonably easy to understand, but it might take you a while to complete all your checks.

There are better and easier-to-use grammar checkers around.

But if you are looking for a free solution for short texts, this one might be one for you to try.


Free version: Website.
Premium price: No premium version.


Offers useful suggestions.
Explains possible errors.


Separate checks are needed for grammar and punctuation.
Too many ads.


17. Reverso (Free)


Reverso is best known as an online translator for people learning English.

However, it has an online English grammar and spellchecker as well.

It is quite basic, though, with a very small limit of only 600 characters.

Not enough to check very much at all apart from perhaps short social media posts.


Free version: Website.
Premium price: Euro 4.99 per month on an annual plan.


Offers some useful suggestions.
Explains possible errors.
Can translate texts.


Extremely small word limit for free checks


18. Microsoft Editor (Free and premium)

microsoft's free grammar checker

Microsoft has entered the writing correction arena with its new Microsoft Editor.

It is still early days, and there are a few issues that have been noted among early adopters.

But there is a browser extension you can try.

To access the premium version and all its features, you will need a Microsoft 365 personal or family subscription.

But if you already have a subscription, then there is no cost for you to use it.

Of course, it is designed to work with Word and Outlook.

But it also works with most sites and social networks where you write online.

You can download the Microsoft Editor extension for Chrome and Edge browsers if you want to try it.


Free version: Chrome or Edge browser extension.
Premium version: Available for free for Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscribers.



What are the best free grammar checkers for you

You want the best tools to check your grammar, and for free, of course.

While all of these apps above are free for you to use, some are cut-down and restricted versions of a premium app, and others are advertising-supported.

When choosing the best writing checker for your needs, it will mean that you will have to see how well they perform.

For students, many of the ad-supported free grammar apps can help you with your writing.

They might prove to be just what you are looking for in a writing checker.

But look for apps that allow you a reasonable and fair word limit.

If one restricts you to less than 1,000 words, it will not help you a lot.

But for writers, bloggers, and authors, I have to say from experience that Grammarly and Prowritingaid are probably the best options.

Your choice between the free and paid versions of the three will depend on how much writing you do or if you are monetizing your writing.

But for professional online writers and authors, you might need to consider a premium version at some point.

However, there are plenty of options to choose from if you are looking for free tools to help you check and improve your writing.


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  1. I use Grammarly but I need something that allows more corrections. The free version is too limited, and the premium is too expensive.

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    Thanks for compiling a list of free grammar checkers and grammar correction apps.
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    Your article is very helpful. I am sure that these reviews will help me pick the best grammar checking tool and also improvise my English writing.


    1. I’d like to say thank you for this list. I have been using grammarly and I just thought I needed an additional writing check-aid. I think I now know what to go for.

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