Is The Free Hemingway App The Right Editor For You?

hemingway app and editor

Obviously named after Ernest Hemingway, the Hemingway app is a popular free writing tool created by Adam and Ben Long.

Compared to other grammar and spelling checkers and writing software, it is quick, easy, and a much simpler alternative.

There is a desktop version of the Hemingway Editor available for Mac and PC, which is quite cheap. But most users will probably prefer to use the free online writing editor.

Like all free writing tools, there are some compromises. So how well does the Hemingway app stack up as a writing aid and grammar checker?



Can you improve your writing with the Hemingway app?

Yes, without a doubt, you definitely can.

It is a very simple app and super easy to use.

But just because it looks simple, don’t underestimate what it can do. It certainly can help you improve on some of your basic writing problems and mistakes.

It is one of the quickest and easiest ways to find the passive voice and overused adverbs in your texts to make them easier to read.


Getting started with Hemingway Editor

When you first go to the Hemingway app webpage, you will land on the editor screen, as shown in the image below.

It really is simplicity plus.

On the left is the Hemingway editor pane and on the right the results panel.

hemingway editor

It is easy to see why it is sometimes called the rainbow editor. There are five colors to show you the areas of improvement you can make to your writing.

The one small annoyance for me is that you need to select all of the demo text and delete it and then paste in your piece of writing before you can get started.

A clear screen would be more convenient, but then again, perhaps the rainbow of colors is more appealing to the eye.

But once you paste in your text, you can get started on improving your writing by using the five colors to guide you to where you need to make corrections.

The big plus for the Hemingway Editor is that it so clearly highlights the potential improvements you can make to your writing.


The user interface is extremely simple and easy to use. But at the same time, it provides you with a lot of useful information.

Alternatively, you can use the Hemingway app as a simple distraction-free word processor. Select the Write tab in the top right corner of the screen to switch to the word processor mode.

hemingway write mode

You can continue to edit your text in the write screen.

Once again, however, if you start in write mode, you need to select all the sample text and delete it before you can begin.

But once you start typing or have pasted your text, you can quickly switch between write and edit modes to work on correcting your writing.

PROS – The really good stuff

Hemingway app colors

Most free web-based apps have a word limit of around 2-3,000 words at most. If the Hemingway Editor has a limit, I couldn’t find it.

I copied and pasted a full novella of over 20,000 words into the app. It accepted it without even a small lag. You can check the word count in the image above. 21,009.

All my text appeared instantly, along with the results in edit mode for reading grade level, readability grade, reading time, word count, and suggested corrections and improvements.

You can also see clearly in the image above that the Hemingway Editor has highlighted hundreds of possible improvements.

In the help section for the app, it says, the Hemingway editor makes your writing bold and clear.

As you can see by the five colored recommendations for writing style in the image, the app certainly concentrates on clarity.

Another way to look at it could be to think that clarity means simplicity. It will definitely help you construct sentences that are short, to the point and easy to read.

For a blog post, that is indeed a valid aim to have. But for fiction writers, maybe not so much.

But the ideas that the Hemingway Editor gives you will help you with any form of writing.

The central focus is on sentence structure. Green highlights the passive voice; blue highlights adverbs, and purple is for sentences that can be simplified.

The red and yellow highlights refer you to what the app thinks are hard to read sentences.

The number of sentences noted in my test as very hard by the app was often similar to those classed as hard to read.

So I am not sure the app notes a lot of difference between sentences that are hard and very hard to read. But it is a useful tool to help find long sentences quickly that might hinder reading clarity.

By far, the best use for the app is in locating passive voice phrases so you can replace them with the active voice. It is also extremely good at finding and highlighting adverbs.

It is a quick, free, and easy way to help you rid your text of most of these occurrences.

If you are writing blog posts or content articles, it is always good practice to keep adverbs and passive sentences to an absolute minimum.

The best features of the app for me are that it accepts a huge word count without a problem.

It is a simple and efficient way to find the two most common writing flaws. These are the overuse of the passive voice and too many adverbs.



CONS – The not so good stuff

With the free version, there is no facility to save or export your work. It is a considerable downside.

When you are working online, a lot can and will go wrong. Working on a long text in this app is like being a trapeze artist with no safety net. One small online glitch and all your revisions and hard work are gone.

If you want to be able to save and export, you will need to pay for the desktop version.

Another annoyance is that there is no basic spell checker.

hemingway app no spellcheck

It makes using the app as a word processor in write mode a futile exercise. But as you can see by the image below, you can get a spell check if you use the spell checker in the Chrome browser.

While the app uses slide-over popup hint boxes, there is little more you can do with them other than omit adverbs.

hemongway app adverbs

But once you click omit and you remove the adverb, there is no undo function.

All other hint boxes are only that, hints. So you need to re-write every phrase. There are no hint boxes for sentence length.

hemingway app passive voice


Wrap up on the Hemingway app

The Hemingway writing app in either the free or paid versions is not a grammar checker.

It is a simple writing style checker that focuses on only very elementary elements in the writing process. These are basically, long complex sentences, adverbs, and passive voice.

It is ideal for a quick check of a 500-word blog post or school essay.

But for working writers, the Hemingway Editor doesn’t have very much to offer for long-form writing analysis. There are far better choices that do a lot more to help you check and improve your writing.

But it is free, fast and does exactly what it promises. So it is a very useful tool to use from time to time if you want to do a quick check of your texts.



Yes, I have the Hemingway app in my bookmarks. I use it now and again to check the reading grade when I write new blog posts.

It is a quick little tool that gives you some handy information such as reading level and estimated reading time.

But as a writing checker or text editor, the Hemingway Editor is extremely limited. It offers only a little to help you check your writing.

The biggest downsides are that there is no spell checker, and you cannot save or export your work.

There are a lot of other choices when it comes to free writing checkers. You can read our article listing 14 free writing checkers that you can try.

A lot of them offer you far more and much better options than Hemingway.


Derek Haines

A Cambridge qualified CELTA English teacher and author of 18 books with a life long passion for publishing in all forms. I started my working life as a lithographer and spent over 30 years in the printing and publishing business. Originally from Australia, I moved to Switzerland 20 years ago. My days are spent teaching English, writing and wrestling with technology while enjoying my glorious view of Lake Geneva and the Alps.

5 thoughts on “Is The Free Hemingway App The Right Editor For You?

  • March 26, 2020 at 1:57 pm

    Hemmingway tells writers to change shall to will as shall is, in their opinion, ‘complex’. The two words are NOT interchangeable. I don’t know how many other grammar errors this tool fosters as I didn’t bother to go further.

  • November 16, 2019 at 8:59 pm

    I had bought the desktop version for $19.99 it is an awesome program. My computer froze and crashed I had to get it fixed and doing so my app was deleted. Went to re-loaded into my computer and uable to find a way to do so without having to pay for it again. Which is upsetting since I just purchased the product less than four months ago. But if I have to repurchase it then I guess I will.

  • August 21, 2019 at 2:17 pm

    it has helped me write professional papers for years

  • July 2, 2019 at 3:23 am

    I have used the free online version for a while and purchased recently. I decided that it does enough to justify the $20 purchase price. Grammarly may be rated as far superior but I will not purchase it for 2 reasons: 1) ongoing subscription model is not for me, at least until I become published author. I would be interested in purchasing a desktop version for a one-off fee. 2) Storage on cloud is something I never do, It is only secure till someone hacks it. i still insist on keeping my intellectual property under my own lock and key. Call me old-fashioned, you will be paying me a compliment!

  • February 28, 2019 at 4:03 pm

    I like Hemmingway. Yes, as you pointed out, it does have its drawbacks. I use it along with Grammarly. (It’s running now to help me.)
    I highlight my text when I’ve finished with Hemmingway and copy/paste it back to my work, so all the changes I’ve made are saved that way.


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