How To Publish A Book – Everything You Need To Get Started

How To Publish A Book - An Easy Guide

Are you ready to self-publish? Learn how to publish a book or ebook.

This easy to follow ebook on how to publish a book in paperback or an ebook is full of advice for new, and not so new self-publishing authors. If it helps you sell just a few more copies of your book, it will have been money well spent.

In logical order, it takes the mystery out of self-publishing by giving clear and in many cases, illustrated how-to guides for the necessary steps involved in successful self-publishing.

From proofreading and preparing your manuscript for publishing, formatting for an ebook, finding keywords and metadata for your book listing, through to using effective links and promoting your book via your blog and social media. 

If you are ready to publish a book, this how-to guide is a must-read for you.

Even if you have already self-published, you will discover new ways to improve your book discovery and lift your sales by taking measures to enhance your book quality and fine-tune your keyword and metadata selection to enable buyers to find your book more easily on Amazon and other retailers.

Learning how to publish a book or ebook successfully can take time.

However, with this ebook guide, you can learn how to get all the essentials right in only a couple of hours reading.

Some of the topics covered in this how to publish a book guide include:

  • Where And How To Publish An Ebook Or Paperback
  • How To Self Edit And Proofread Your Manuscript
  • How To Prepare Your Word Manuscript For Self-Publishing
  • How To Format Word For Ebook Publishing
  • How To Add A Table Of Contents To An Ebook
  • How To Make An Ebook Feel More Like A Real Book
  • How To Convert Word To .epub And .mobi Ebook Files
  • How To Find A Great Book Title
  • How To Use Metadata Effectively
  • How To Use Keywords To Sell More Kindle Ebooks
  • How To Master Kindle Keywords – For Free
  • How To Make Your Amazon Book Description Stand Out
  • Ebook Pricing Strategies To Help Increase Unit Sales
  • Open Publishing or Amazon Exclusivity?
  • What’s The Best Way To Promote My Self-Published Book?
  • Seven Ways To Boost Your Author Blog Traffic
  • Five Simple Actions You Can Take If Your Book Is Not Selling
  • How To Promote Yourself As An Author

Learn how to self-publish better

An ebook or paperback is a product, and as with any new product brought to market, quality is always going to be the winning edge.

Find out how to give your ebook and book the best possible chance of success by learning how to improve its quality, discoverability and appeal before you publish.

Also learn how to promote and market your ebooks and books effectively through the use of your website, blog, social media and how to use intelligent linking, as well by as by leveraging economical, cost-effective advertising.

It will not take long for you to read this useful publishing guide, but the time it takes could well be an investment in your new ebook or book and provide you with many new ideas and tips that will help you sell more books.

You can find this ebook on Amazon or on many other ebook retailers.

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