Kindle Unlimited Pay Per Page Read

Kindle Unlimited Pay Per Page Read And Your Privacy

Will Kindle Unlimited pay per page read ebook subscription work?

While there has been a lot of hand-wringing by authors and publishers about Amazon’s change of royalty model to pay per page read for its ebook subscription service, Kindle Unlimited, little has been mentioned about Kindle readers.

It will take a few months for the dust to settle on whether the new pay per page read model will be good or bad for authors, but one reality is almost certain.

It is that Kindle readers, who are mostly unaware of the controversy, will happily keep on reading, but unbeknown to them, pay per page royalties are proof that they are having their reading closely monitored and recorded by Amazon.

Nothing new here, however, as every proprietary supplier of reading devices have been collecting this data ever since ebooks came into existence.

Whether it be a Kindle (or app), Kobo, Nook, Apple iPad or iPhone with iBooks or any other proprietary device, readers reading habits have been monitored very closely for a long time.

Every page read, every ebook borrowed, bought or downloaded for free, every ebook left unread or partially read, and every note or highlight made within ebooks have been meticulously recorded by device suppliers.

Ebook reading privacy

In the image above, only one reader is safe from this collection of data. Can you guess which one?

The question that has arisen from Amazon’s pay per page read royalty model for authors should not only be about money. It should also be about privacy.

However, in today’s connected world, and with all the revelations about how our collective privacy has been invaded by the harvesters of mass data, it should come as no surprise to anyone.

Any activity you take electronically or digitally today is being monitored and stored – even reading.

So, what will I read while I’m waiting to discover if my royalties from Kindle Unlimited will be profitable, or lossable?

Um, lossable was an intentional use of my poetic licence, so the grammar police can please sit straight back down.

Perhaps I might just crack the spines of a few paperbacks I have piled up in my reading queue.

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