The Writing Craft Is About Sharing Your Journey

Sharing Your Journey Paul Spencer Sochaczewski

I am fortunate to know Paul Sochaczewski and can attest to his skills and experience as a writer and instructor.

He has released a new book, which has been twenty years in the making, where he now shares his extensive knowledge about the craft of writing.

Below you will find some sample pages from the book, Share Your Journey that shows how Paul identifies and explains in simple terms, what good writing is all about.

First, a summary of the book’s premise:

Your hero’s journey can take many forms. Perhaps you met your soul-mate at a cooking class in Tuscany and now make fresh pasta every evening — you’re 40 kilos overweight but happy.

You took your eight-year-old daughter to the lake where your parents took you as a child — she caught her first fish.

Or maybe you want to record your family’s history.

How Grandfather Ishmael escaped Lithuania hours before he was to be arrested for horse theft, how Grandma Chen left China penniless, then through hard work and a deft touch at the mahjong table, became one of Singapore’s leading real estate tycoons.

Perhaps you aren’t too sure how to start your story, how to focus, how to make it interesting for other people.

The Ten Writing Tips in Share Your Journey will give you the tools and confidence to write more effective blogs, write for online and print publications, and make more effective presentations.

Learn how to:

Recognize the dynamics of your own hero’s journey

Get started by writing just one scene

Avoid the dreaded “info dump”

Create instant intimacy with the reader

Tell the story by following the Little Red Riding Hood Strategy

Create conflict with the Nancy Reagan Principle

Keep ‘em hanging on with the Scheherazade Scenario

Invoke the Story of One to represent the Story of Many

Write like Steven Spielberg directs

Eliminate fluff like Michelangelo

These are some great tips excerpted from:

Share Your Journey

Mastering Personal Writing

The (surprisingly easy) techniques that professional writers use to write personal memoirs and travel stories that connect with editors and readers.

Here are a few sample pages from Share Your Journey.

Share Your Journey 2
Nancy Reagan Words


Share Your Journey 3
Start With a Bang
Share Your Journey 5
Get the name of the dog
Share Your Journey 7
Intimidation can backfire

Paul Spencer SochaczewskiPaul Spencer Sochaczewski has written An Inordinate Fondness for Beetles, The Sultan and the Mermaid Queen, the five-volume Curious Encounters of the Human Kind series, Soul of the Tiger (with Jeff McNeely), and other acclaimed books and some six hundred bylined articles in leading international publications.

He has been invited to run his writing workshops in more than twenty countries, helping writers worldwide tell their personal stories.


Share Your Journey is available in e-book and paperback from Amazon US and Amazon UK.


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