Draft2Digital Universal Book Links Review – Makes It Easy To Buy Ebooks

d2d Universal Book Links

With Draft2Digital Universal Book Links, readers can buy your ebook from their preferred bookstore.

Book buy links have always been a problem. Which store do you choose to add to your promotions, or do you add a long, confusing list?

Most authors choose Amazon links, of course. But this is not ideal if your ebook is available from several online ebook retailers.

Where do your readers buy your ebooks? Are you missing out on potential book sales?

Draft2Digital universal book links

Draft2Digital offers authors and publishers a way to overcome these problems. Its Universal Link gathers all your bookstore buying options into one URL link.

The service runs from Draft2digital’s reader-focused site, Books2Read.

Even if you are not publishing on Draft2Digital, you can set up Universal Book Links by registering for a free account on Books2Read.

Another great feature is that you can add affiliate links.

Setting up a link is very easy. Copy and paste each of your bookstore links into the list and start a scan.

If you publish on Draft2Digital, many of your stores will already be on the list, and you will only probably need to add your Amazon link.


Setting up your universal book links

Draft2digital bookstore links

Once you lock in your stores, return to your booklist to find your book’s Universal link.

Draft2Digital Universal links


Add the link to your book pages

Now all you need to do is copy your new Universal Book Link to your book promotion pages, blog posts, or promotional emails.

When a user clicks the link, it will allow them to set up their favorite bookstore.


Once a user makes a selection or chooses not to set a favorite store, the buying choices appear.


Books2Read Universal links are very simple to create and use. They offer a solution to a longstanding problem when your book is available from a list of book retailers.


The advantages

Universal book links (UBLs) will save you a lot of time and effort.

You don’t need to search for your book on different websites or create and manage multiple URL links for different retailers and platforms.

When you use UBLs, it makes it much easier and faster to share and promote your books on social media and other platforms.

By directing readers to their preferred retailer, you can reach readers who may not have otherwise discovered your books.

It also makes it easier for readers to find and purchase your books from their preferred book retailer.

Another benefit is that using only one URL link for each of your books offers you the chance to use better tracking and analytics.



All in all, Universal book links are exactly what the doctor ordered for authors and self-publishers.

When you only need to use one link for each of your books, it makes your book promotion much easier to manage.

To find out more, read the Universal Book Links User Guide.


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