Fresh Content Is King

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fresh content is king even with ebooks

Are ebooks only Internet content?

It’s no secret that the Internet is all about content is king, and the fresher the better.

Whether it be news, blog posts or ebooks, new content is rewarded by Search Engines and online retailers alike.

As Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google said recently, “But, really, our biggest search competitor is Amazon.”

If this is the case, then if blurs the lines of distinction between online retailing and online search, and for authors and writers, it highlights the necessity to produce fresh content on a very regular basis.

As I know from my own experience, my blog articles follow a very similar pattern to my ebooks in that page views of a new blog post are at their peak for the first few days, and then the post gradually joins the long list of my older posts that are then stumbled upon via search or social media links.

My ebooks have always followed the exact same pattern, with obvious variations depending on the popularity of the genre or theme, though.

While the effect is for a little longer than a short blog post, the pattern of the highest sales being for the first few weeks (or months if I was lucky) after release, followed by a gradual slowing of sales, has always been the case.

After a year, the book will then normally only attract the stumble upon book buyer, in a similar fashion to my blog posts. So fresh content is king, even when it comes to ebooks.

No one knows the exact factors that are used in algorithms by both Amazon and Google, but it would be a natural assumption to believe that fresh content is rewarded highly by both companies, and if this is true, then the long tail graph will apply equally to blog posts, articles and ebooks.

The problem this creates for ebook authors, though, is that it takes an awful lot longer to create fresh content in the form of an ebook than it does to write a blog post.

However, if my assumptions are correct, it means that making an income from publishing ebooks from now on will mean publishing new titles regularly and often.


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Derek Haines

Derek Haines is an Australian author, living in Switzerland.

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