How To Add Images To An Ebook – A Step By Step Guide

How to add images to ebooks

The easiest way to add images to an ebook is by using Microsoft Word

Did you know that you can add images and pictures to your ebook manuscript?

You can, and it is very simple.

Your images can be in colour, but depending on what device a reader uses, your images may change to black and white on devices such as Kindles.

Here is a step by step guide to adding images to an ebook manuscript, with screenshots.

The first step in adding images to your text is to reduce the size of each of your images. As an ebook is a small electronic file, large images should be avoided.

To resize your image, open your image file in an image editor. From the menu, select adjust size. You will see the width, height and resolution of your image. These need to be changed.

Large image to reduce

Change the width to say, 650px. This is about as large as you would want for an ebook image.

Also very importantly, change the resolution to 72.

reduce image size and resolution

Click save, and now go to your Word document.

Select where you want to insert your image by hitting return after the last line before your image.


Now select Insert>Photo>Picture From File.


Select your image and click insert.


Important! Now that your image is in your document check to make sure that the placement of your image is ‘In Line With Text’.

Any other setting will cause problems with ebook formatting because your image must follow your text. Or in other words, float and stay connected to the text when your ebook is viewed in landscape or portrait, or on large or small screens.


If you want to reduce the size of your image, even more, you can do this in Word.


Done! You now have an image correctly inserted into your ebook manuscript.


That was easy, wasn’t it?

Adding images to an ebook is very easy, but beware that too many large images can affect to book royalty on Amazon Kindle.

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