Almost Hidden Free Amazon Book Promotion Kindle Previewer Tool

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Amazon's Almost Hidden Book Promotion Button

Here’s a Free Kindle previewer tool to encourage fast ebook reading

If you are promoting ebooks, you will know that it takes a potential reader a number of clicks to get from a book link on your author website or blog, before finally making it through to the Look Inside feature on your Amazon book page.

That’s if they bother to click the cover on Amazon to find the Look Inside preview read. Even if they do, the table of contents and credits can sometimes take up half of the preview read.

Many authors know that getting someone to click a book link is the first hurdle. But wouldn’t it be fantastic if your potential book buyer was taken immediately from your cover image on your website, to your book’s Look Inside preview? And also, directly to chapter one. It would certainly help your book sales.

Well, now you can do this now with a clever book marketing tool from Amazon marketing services.

Amazon has a very small Embed link on every book sales page, and while small and hardly noticeable, it is an extremely powerful tool to create Kindle promotion for your books.

It creates a clickable cover image of your book, with the options to either buy or preview read your book. With only one click.

From my experience, I have tried all types of linking to Amazon, but none have been as efficient at this Amazon book tool.

One click and your reader is into previewing your book or Kindle book!


So, how do you use the Amazon previewer tool?

First, go to your book page on Amazon, and look to the right, under the pricing panel, and click <Embed>.

Amazon Kindle embed preview read tool

When you click, a pop-up window appears, where you can make modifications to suit your website, plus a couple of other options.

The first thing to do is select Embed to your site. If you have an Amazon Associates account, you can also add your Amazon Associates ID.

The most important though is See more options.

Click it to open, and select the cover image size to suit where you will use it on your website or blog.

Then select either open in new tab, or in place, and lastly, if you wish to have a buy button.

Well, of course, you want a buy button!

Fast link to an Amazon Kindle preview read

Once you have selected your options, copy the code from the iframe code line, and then paste the code into your website.

Here is an example of the tool in action. Yes, it’s my book of course.

Also notice that since writing this post, I have changed to a new cover. Amazon automatically updates the embed tool, to show the new cover.

When you click Preview, it not only takes you directly to the book, with a very quick cover flash, but it also removes the credit pages, so you are straight into the story so a reader can review your book in an instant.

Of course, readers can buy or share your book on social media just as quickly too.

You did click to try it, didn’t you?

So, are you updating your all your books with the Kindle previewer tool on your website or blog yet?


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Derek Haines

Derek Haines is an Australian author, living in Switzerland.

24 thoughts on “Almost Hidden Free Amazon Book Promotion Kindle Previewer Tool

  • Thanks a lot! Just decided to create a real campaign plan, and this little tool will ben an important element.

  • Thanks for this tip, Derek Haines, author of ONE LAST LOVE (It’s Never Too Late)
    I JUST drafted promo materials last night the kludged-together old-fashioned way. (Find link of cover on website. Input link. Find URL on Amazon. Insert link. Link links. Tear out hair. Sigh, grit teeth, Think Of England, repeat with next title…)
    Elegant tool hidden in plain sight. Revealed and explained eloquently, thanks to you!
    KD Harp

  • Thanks for getting back to me. I didn’t try it on my paid accounts. I was running out of time, having spent over an hour trying to get it to work on my free one. However, the support page explicitly said that iframes weren’t allowed. When I have time, I’ll go back in and try on the other accounts. For now, the URL is okay. BTW, you give a lot of terrific advice on your blog! Keep it up!

  • Hi Virginia. Are you using the free WordPress platform or are you self hosted? I have never tried on a free site, so there may be some restrictions.


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