Prowritingaid vs. Grammarly vs. Ginger Premium Price Comparison

Prowritingaid vs. Grammarly vs Ginger Premium Grammar Checkers

Which grammar checker should you use? It’s often a choice between Prowritingaid vs. Grammarly.

Free grammar apps can be helpful for a quick grammar and spelling check. Especially for students and people who are not native English speakers,

But if you are a writer, you have probably tried the free versions of every spelling and grammar checker available.

At some point, though, you might decide to upgrade to a premium version. Then you can get access to so much more than a simple grammar and punctuation check or a tool to correct spelling.

Choosing a premium grammar and spell checker

Every writer is different, so no one application can do it all for every genre, specific writing style, or writing task.

However, I can say from my experience that three premium writing checkers stand out way ahead of all the rest.

When you use a free version, you usually get access to a Chrome browser extension. But that only checks critical grammar mistakes and spelling.

Some give you restricted access to an editing tool app or desktop editor.

But if writing is your business, you want to improve your writing and take it to another level. So you need so much more.

Here are some of the areas where a premium checker will help you.

A premium checker can dig much deeper into your grammatical mistakes and sentence structures and help you to improve your texts.

essential grammar and writing checks

It will also have vocabulary enhancement suggestions and synonyms.

You will be able to check for overuse and repeated words, clichés and redundancies, sticky sentences, reading grade, and transitions to the list above.

Other useful tools include locating writing errors and mistakes that are usually hard to find.

Think here about mistakes, including mixed quotation marks and a misspelled homonyms spell check based on context.

You should also have access to a reliable and fast plagiarism checker.

Yes, there is a big difference between a free grammar app and what a premium version can give you.


The top three – Prowritingaid vs. Grammarly vs Ginger

There are many choices.

But almost all writers will narrow down their choice to one of the top three.

They are ProWritingAid, Ginger Grammar Checker, and Grammarly premium versions.

All of them can do the basics and most of the extra checks I listed before.

It then comes down to which one fits best into how you work with your type of writing.

A blogger has different needs compared to an author, for example.

A content article writer doesn’t work in the same way as a short story writer.

Some writers specialize in writing online, while others work mostly offline.

But in all these different situations, one of these three premium tools will work best for you.

Here are my ideas on which premium app works best for different writers.


Grammarly premium for article writers and bloggers

There is no doubt at all that Grammarly premium is the first choice for content and article writers and bloggers.

It covers all the bases for grammar checking short-form online writing.

I use Grammarly with WordPress when writing blog posts. The Chrome extension works in real-time and feels almost like a native WordPress plugin.

My critical mistakes are highlighted instantly, and I can correct them with a single click.

When I want to analyze my articles, I can open the Grammarly editor directly from within my WordPress editor.

Then I can quickly accept or reject suggestions regarding misused words or passive voice, for example, to improve my text.

I don’t tend to use the desktop editor very much at all unless I am working on a very long text.

For online writing, there is simply no better app than Grammarly.

Grammarly is also compatible with MS Word and Google Docs, so this is a big plus for content writers. There is also a quick check tool that detects plagiarism.

The only problem for some writers is that Grammarly costs quite a lot for its premium version.

Grammarly Price
Go to Grammarly for more details.

As you can see, a one-year subscription is by far the cheapest at $11.66 per month. But $140.00 might be a little more than you want to pay.

I certainly wouldn’t recommend paying $29.95 per month for a monthly subscription or $19.00 for the quarterly plan.

If you are writing all the time, the annual subscription is by far the best choice to make.

From time to time, you can find a Grammarly coupon code to make the price a little cheaper. But you have to hunt to find a Grammarly price reduction.

Grammarly is a fantastic app, for sure. But you need to be using it every day like me to get good value from your investment.

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ProWritingAid premium for authors

I can say without a doubt that ProWritingAid offers so many reports that it is by far the best option for authors.

It is the tool I always use for analyzing a manuscript or any other long document.

You will get more than twenty writing report options you can use. So you can check in minute detail to make sure your text is as perfect as possible.

Like all apps, you can use a browser extension when writing online. It’s a handy tool.

But for me, the most compelling feature of ProWritingAid is the power of the desktop editor when working on long texts.

Another great feature for authors is that it is compatible with Scrivener.

How much does ProWritingAid cost?

Prowrtingaid price
Go to ProWritingAid for the latest details and offers.

The yearly subscription option is the best in terms of price and value.

At $79.00 per year for all you get, it is quite modestly priced compared to other premium tools. It is half the price of Grammarly.

Are you a student or work in an academic institution? You can get a 20% discount on the Prowritingaid premium plan. Scroll to the bottom of the pricing page for details.

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Ginger software premium for short-form and general day-to-day writing

Ginger Grammar is a good all-rounder.

It will do everything you need if you are not a full-time writer.

Ginger spelling and grammar tools are ideal if you are writing from time to time. Or if you want to make sure your online writing is of a high standard.

Ginger corrects extremely well and is suited to checking Word documents, emails, or your social media posts. You can make sure your writing is accurate and error-free.

Ginger Spelling Checker says that it uses a breakthrough, patent-pending technology to correct any type of mistake. Including those left undetected by other spell checkers.

You also get the Ginger text-to-speech reader. It can be a handy tool to help you proofread a document.

If you are a new author or blogger, the monthly option might be for you. It can get you started by using a premium grammar checker at a modest price.

Ginger Grammar Price Table
Go to Ginger for more details.

You can see that the subscriptions for Ginger Grammar are discounted. I am not sure how long this offer will last, but it has been available for quite some time now.

The price is comparable to ProWritingAid, which is a lot less than Grammarly.

If you are just starting out, then the annual plan option would probably be the best option for you.


Which one is the best value for money?

It depends on what you need and what you are expecting for your money. But for me, it’s down to Prowritingaid vs. Grammarly as the best choice.

I use the premium versions of both Grammarly and ProWritingAid. But I write a lot, so my investment in the two is well worthwhile.

If you want the best value for money, then ProWritingAid stands out as an economical choice.

If you take a yearly subscription, it is only 50% of the Grammarly discounted price for one year. $79.00 compared to $140.00. It is also a little less than what you pay for Ginger for a year.

With Prowritingaid, you have a fabulous editor. You get all the reports and analysis you could ever need as well as a browser extension for online writing.

It is best suited for authors and long-form writers. But it will do the job very well when you are writing articles and blog posts.

But if you are a full-time article, content, and blog post writer like me, Grammarly premium is by far the best and well worth the money.

I grit my teeth every time my subscription renews each year. But I have been doing that for quite a few years now.

But because I use Grammarly all day, every day, it’s an indispensable writing tool for me.

Ginger is a good alternative for new writers who are not sure how much they will use a premium grammar checker. You can take a subscription for a few months without breaking the bank.

But you can also try to find coupons and promo codes to make your investment a little cheaper.


My only advice regarding premium grammar and writing apps is to choose the best one you can afford for your particular needs.

Do you want to use browser extensions or a dedicated desktop app? Do you need a simple online grammar corrector or an in-depth writing analyzer?

You want to get good value for the money you need to invest, so carefully select before you decide.

Very few writers would use two like me. But writing is my business, and I like to work with the best tools available.

I can only say that Grammarly premium is fantastic. ProWritingAid is the best value for money. And Ginger is a great all-rounder.

But I’ll let you make the decision that is best for your needs and your credit card.

Derek Haines

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