Promote Your Articles Online In 10 Easy And Free Ways

Promote Your Articles Online

You always need to promote your articles online when you write new content.

You might have your own blog. But there are also many online platforms for writers to publish articles and content.

Whenever you publish new articles or blog posts, your job isn’t over.

You spent a lot of time researching and writing your article, and you want people to read it. The best way to get readers is to promote it as much as you can.

How to share and promote your articles

Content promotion is as important as writing your article.

It’s the best way to get people to read and react to what you publish.

You could write posts for your blog, guest posts on other blogs, or publish them on an online platform.

You might decide to publish your articles in PDF format, so you will need to share your article link.

In all of these cases, you should have a content promotion strategy that you will use for every new article.

The best approach is to prepare a quick to-do list to make sure you don’t forget any part of your plan.

Make a list of all your possibilities.

There are hundreds of content promotion ideas.

But here is my list of the ten essentials.

Try them when it comes time to share and promote your articles online.


1. Share your article on X (Twitter)

10 ways to promote your articles

We all have an X (Twitter) account, and it’s so easy to add a Tweet about a new article.

But one is not enough. A tweet is lost after half an hour, and your followers are in different time zones.

The best way to leverage Twitter for a new piece of content is to Tweet twice on the day you publish, then once a day for three days, and then once a week for three weeks.

Just make sure that you have additional content between your Tweets and always include an image to attract attention.

If you don’t like the idea of multiple Tweets, you can always pin your Tweet to the top of your feed.


2. Answer a question on Quora

Any article you write answers a question. So there’s no better place to promote your article than on Quora.

Search for questions about your topic, and then post your answer.

But make sure you write a few sentences to answer the question in full.

Then you can add your link to your article as a reference at the end.

The big advantage of using Quora is that Google often indexes questions and answers from Quora.

So you might get lucky.


3. Pin it to Pinterest

I get a lot of traffic from Pinterest, and it takes minimal effort.

All you need to do is add an image for your article and post it to your Pinterest account.

You can install an extension for your browser to make it quick and easy.

You can add a Pinterest post in less than 10 seconds.

And like Quora, Google often indexes images from Pinterest that can sometimes get you some bonus traffic.


4. Share it on Facebook

You will almost always get some traction on Facebook.

Share your article on your personal profile and your Facebook page if you have one.

But don’t get carried away.

Posting on Facebook groups can occasionally work if your article is highly relevant to the group members.

But if you do it too often, members might see it as spam.


5. Add it to Flipboard

You won’t get a lot of readers, but occasionally an article will attract readers and traffic.

I always share any new article I publish on Flipboard. Now and then, an article will attract new readers.

Sharing your new article only takes a few seconds, so the time investment is well worth it.


6. Republish your article on Medium

You can use Medium to republish your articles. It’s very common now for bloggers to do it.

But by publishing your whole article, you miss the chance to attract readers to your original article.

To get around this, you can publish a teaser article on Medium.

If you write a long article of perhaps 2- 3,000 words, publish an excerpt of 500-1,000 words with a link at the end to continue reading to attract readers to your original article.


7. Add more internal links

Whenever you write a new article, always add some links to your existing articles.

Then go to some of your existing articles and edit them to add a link to your new article. When you do, take the opportunity to see if you can improve your existing articles.

If you have a blog, it’s easy. But if you are using an online platform, you can do the same by editing your articles.

If you are guest posting, you will need to ask your host to add these links for you.

Search engines follow links, and they can really increase your chances of ranking on search.

Internal linking and cross-linking are two of the easiest ways to promote your articles and gain more readers.


8. Use Follow It to attract subscribers

Building an email subscriber list takes time and can become quite expensive with services such as Mailchimp and Aweber.

Many bloggers use Google’s free Feedburner, but it has now come to an end.

However, you can use Follow It to help you notify people of your new articles.

It’s free, and once you set it up, you can add a link to your new articles for readers to subscribe.

If you have a blog, you can also add a subscribe page.


9. Share your article on Linkedin

It depends on the topic of your article. But if it’s relevant for professionals, it’s a great network to share your content.

You won’t get the same degree of traction or traffic as on Twitter or Facebook.

However, it’s a network that can help you find new readers.


10. Update your email signature

You are sending emails all the time.

Make use of them by adding a link to your latest article in your email signature.

Don’t use a long URL, though. Create a link for your email signature that will attract some interest.

But don’t forget to update it every time you write and publish a new article.


Promote your articles checklist

There are so many ways you can promote your articles by sharing. You are only limited by your imagination and ingenuity.

However, you need to be consistent and have a plan to apply every time you publish new content.

Make a list and tick off each item after you publish.

Article Promotion Checklist

Once you develop a routine, it doesn’t take long at all to complete all your content promotion ideas.

You invest a lot of your time and energy in researching and writing.

An extra few minutes spent promoting will make all the difference and help you attract many more readers.


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