What Kindle Unlimited Means For Self-Publishing Authors

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What Kindle Unlimited Means For Self Publishing Authors

… and what you should know about KENPC V2 changes.

Amazon has made a further slight change to Kindle Unlimited with Kindle Edition Normalized Page Count (KENPC v2.0).

This is the third change since pay per page read was originally introduced, but this most recent change should affect very few authors.

The changes only apply to very long ebooks of more than 3,000 pages, which is now the cut-off point for per page read royalties. You can read the full details of the change on this KDP help page.

So unless you have published a dictionary, all will be fine.

However, some authors have bundled their ebooks, and this is where care should be taken. If you have combined a series or created say, a single trilogy ebook, it might be worth checking your KENP page count.

How do you check your KENP page count?

This information does not show on your Amazon book sales page. To find the number of KENP pages in your ebook you need to go to your KDP Dashboard, select your Bookshelf, and then click the, ‘Promote and Advertise’ button on the right of your book.

check your KENP page count

A new screen opens, then scroll down until you see your KDP Select Global Fund details. Your page count is at the bottom of the frame.

KENP page count for your ebooks

kenp page readsIf your book is less than 3,000 pages, then the latest change will not affect your earnings.

However, it is very useful to know the KENP page count for your ebooks, as it makes it a little easier to estimate how many of your ebooks have been read.

While this is only an estimate, as not all readers read a book to the end, it is better than nothing.

It will help give you a rough idea of the number of books read via Kindle Unlimited, and this number can be (mentally perhaps) added to your monthly sold copies.

In your monthly sales report on your Dashboard, the Kindle Normalized Pages Read column gives you the number of pages read by readers.

If you divide by the total number of pages read by the number of KENP pages in your ebook, you have a rough total book count.

Kindle Unlimited is proving very popular with Amazon customers, so if you have ebooks enrolled in KDP Select, it may be worth considering adding a line to your book promotion mentioning that your ebook is available via Kindle Unlimited.

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