Why Does Amazon Sell More Ebooks Than Other Retailers?

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amazon kindle sells more ebooks

Why does Amazon sell more ebooks?

Because Amazon involves readers, gives them useful and detailed information, and makes buying an ebook simple, that’s why. Forget all the talk about monopolies and aggressive marketing.

Amazon sells more ebooks than any other retailer because they involve their readers in the process and enjoyment of reading, and on almost any device via the Kindle app.

Take one look at the Apple iBooks store, and try to find any real reader feedback.

Where are the reviews, comments and recommendations from real readers? Worse still, try and find an ebook.

The Apple iBooks platform is horribly unfriendly, with no website, only a complicated connection to iTunes, which is as slow as hell to load, and the iBooks Store that works best on iPhones and iPads.

Sure, it works if you have an Apple Mac, but it is barebones at best. What about PC users? Well, ho hum.

If you are an author, you will know that posting a promotional link to your ebook or ebooks on Apple is a pain in the neck.

If you are determined, though, you can do it, but what use is it when someone finally clicks your link but doesn’t have an iPad or iPhone? Or worse, uses a PC.

Then there is Barnes and Noble, which does have a website, but it still looks, feels and works like a something designed in the 90’s. It is so outdated that as hard as I try, B&N are unable to find a way to update my book covers, which I changed two years ago.

Again, like Apple, where is the reader interaction on B&N? Reviews? Ok, there are a few. So, ok, they beat Apple on one count. But where are the links to best sellers, new ebooks or latest news? There is a link to textbooks, though. How exciting.

I hate to criticise Smashwords, because of all the ebook retailers/platforms, it is the one I have wanted and wished would become a winner, for many years now.

Sadly, though, Smashwords have entrenched themselves as an aggregator to Apple, B&N and others, of which many have come and gone, and decided against becoming a fully fledged retailer in their own right.

This is a disappointment because Smashwords will now live or die by the success or failure or its aggregated retailers. As Apple and B&N aren’t setting the ebook world on fire, and a number of Smashwords’ aggregated retailers have closed or have failed to live up to expectations, the future is not bright for Smashwords to sell a lot more ebooks in the future.

Amazon sells more ebooks because it has extended its involvement for readers through their purchase of Goodreads. Where are the reader platforms for Apple or B&N readers?

No, there is no secret as to why Amazon sells more ebooks than any other retailer.

It is not simply that it has a monopoly. It is because it has built an ecosystem around ebooks and books that has involved readers at every level.

As hard as some may argue, Amazon is not a monopoly.

It has just done the job of selling ebooks a hell of a lot better than their competitors and gained a lion’s share of the market as a result.

There are many things one can say about Amazon, good and bad, but at the end of the day, it sells more ebooks than any other retailer for a very good reason. Amazon does it better.

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Derek Haines

Derek Haines is an Australian author, living in Switzerland.

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