5 Types of Writing Jobs that Allow Young Student Writers to Earn Money

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Student Writers Can Earn Money

Nowadays, almost everyone is a writer.

Even young students write their own homework, research papers, reports, memos, and essays.

However, daily writing is a lot different than professional writing.


For a young and aspiring student writer, earning a decent amount of money is a bit of a challenge, especially with all the academic stuff one has to deal with.

That said, if you’re a young student who wants to earn a bit of cash by doing writing jobs, the following are what you might want to consider:


1. Web Content

Web content is one of the most popular writing jobs online. Compared to other types of writing jobs, creating web content has its own requirements to deal with.

It can range from a microcopy to social media posts and blogs. The opportunities are almost endless – after all, the internet has hundreds of millions of active websites, and new ones are being created even as we speak.

Not surprisingly, most of them require content, and some do on a regular basis.

Generally, when you write web content, the ultimate objective is to generate traffic to a website or perhaps sell a product (even both).

Hence, when writing content such as the importance of doing your homework ahead of time, for example, the real focus should be on inspiring the readers to take an action.


2. Academic Writing

This type of writing job is one of the most in-demand projects nowadays. It involves creating research papers and writing scientific ideas in a simple yet precise manner.

Most academic writing projects are online and designed for freelancers; hence a lot of freelancing websites are full of academic writing jobs.

As a young writer, academic writing jobs could suit you well. It doesn’t involve a lot of creativity in it.

However, there are certain writing styles and layout you have to follow. One such example is the APA style.

As an academic writer, the responsibilities normally involve compiling research from various journals and textbooks, then finalizing that research into a complete and professional report.

You’ll also have to create professional essays, summaries of dissertations, and research.


Aside from that, academic writing may also involve editing or proofreading an already completed research, academic assignment, or dissertation.


3. Technical Writing

Technical writing is often required when it comes to a description or explanation of a specific subject. The purpose is to simplify complex technicalities so they can be easily understood by everyone.

In most cases, it’s all about creating manuals, how-to guides for various software and devices, and product catalogs.

However, it doesn’t end there. It also involves any field where complex processes and concepts should be explained in simple language.

If you’re savvy in a particular field and have a good command of the English language, then technical writing could be an excellent option for you.

In most cases, technical writers are hired by bigger companies as a staff writer. However, as a young and aspiring student writer, you can also find freelance technical writing jobs from small companies.


4. Magazine/Newspaper Writing

Magazine and newspaper writing is possibly the most traditional writing job you can find. As a student aiming to earn some extra cash, enlisting in your school’s publication is the way to go.

As a newspaper writer, it’s your responsibility to create unbiased and objective content as much as possible. This will include gathering information and facts regarding an event after it happens.

For example, if you decide to write for your school’s publication, you can talk about the recent school events that have managed to gain the interest of the students in the campus.

Magazine writing, on the other hand, can range from a wide range of topics not just limited to news and recent events.

Some could include an editorial which analyzes a specific event for the readers. There are also some publications that let you contribute your review of a book or movie in exchange for a commission.


5. Creative Writing

Creative writing relies mainly on the writer’s creativity. As a creative writer, you’re not bound to any limitation as you can freely play with your inner creativity and originality.

Compared to other types of professional writing which are objective, creative writing is mostly subjective to your own feelings, thoughts, and opinion.

Creative writing is actually a vast field and contains a lot of sub-branches which include dramatic writing, screenwriting, fiction and non-fiction, poetry, comics, and autobiographies.

Even so, creative writing takes a lot of work, creativity, and financial risks. As a young writer, it’s advised to grow a thick skin first before you even develop your talent and start earning from it.



Writing might seem easy. After all, as a student, you’ll be constantly bombarded by a lot of assignments and research papers which normally involve writing. However, to actually earn some money writing while studying is easier said than done.

Every writing type would require its own set of skills and talents. Regardless, it’s up to you which field to choose depending on which you think suits you best as a young and aspiring writer.


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