Amazon Kindle Pre-Order Ebook Publishing – The Benefits

Kindle Preorder Benefits

Kindle pre-order publishing for ebooks is a very useful tool.

Even if it only stops you from rushing into publishing your ebook, it can help.

Publishing your new book is always a stressful time with so many elements to consider.

Will it work? Is it a good book? Will readers like it? Will the book sell? Did I get all the typos?

Kindle pre-order gives you more time

With so many unknowns, it is impossible to know if your ebook will succeed.

However, one thing is certain.

If you rush your book to publication without careful planning, a disaster often awaits.

This is one reason why I think it is always a good idea to use Kindle pre-order publishing.

Ebook pre-order is available on Amazon KDP and also on Draft2Digital and Smashwords.

It gives you time to think, adjust, change, or modify.

Then, re-think and make sure your new book is ready – for readers to buy and read.

You might also want to publish a print-on-demand paperback, but it’s not possible to publish it on pre-order.

It is always a good idea to publish two versions of your book.

But if you only want to publish an ebook version, you want to give it the best chance possible of success.


Kindle Pre-orders and last-minute changes

But back to Kindle books and pre-orders.

There are many reasons to do this.

One is to allow time to build momentum for your new ebook through good book promotion.

You can use blog posts and social media posts to tell the world you have a new, exciting ebook coming.

Secondly, it gives you time to make sure every little thing is right.

It gives you time to do one more proofread and take one more look at your cover.

Or one more thought about chapter one and if you should move it to chapter three.

I mention this chapter move idea because I did it once with a new book.

My book was scheduled to publish in a little over three weeks.

But with the time I had after setting up my pre-order, I made this change, plus a few other minor changes. I was happy to do this before my book was available for readers.


Time to focus

For some reason, pre-order publishing focuses your mind.

You can always correct errors and typos after publishing.

But having the reassurance that pre-order publishing allows, you can correct these mistakes without anyone seeing them.

The only drawback, though, is that when your book is on pre-order, there is no ‘Look Inside’ preview on your Amazon book page.

However, sometimes there is a button to read a small sample.

But this is where publishing in paperback comes in very useful.

When you publish a paperback version of your book, you will have a ‘Look Inside’ preview read for your paperback version. It takes a week or so.

I usually publish my paperback version a few weeks before publishing my pre-order ebook.

A few days after your ebook is published on Kindle pre-order, both versions are combined on the Amazon book page.

Then at least, readers can now make an informed decision by being able to access the paperback’s ‘Look Inside’ preview read until the ebook version is updated.

Yes, I know it’s a very long workaround process for something that should be simple.



In the end, though, launching your new ebook with pre-orders has more positives than negatives.

It gives you time to slow down, to get things right.

You can do a lot of pre-release book promotions to create as much buzz as you can, and potentially gain some Kindle pre-order reviews.

You can also think, fix, perfect, and upload your manuscript again. Hopefully, it will be the final version.

Best of all, you can get ebook sales before your release date to give your book launch day a huge lift.


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